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The Beautifully Designed Landscape You've Always Dreamed Of

Patio Design and Construction

Look forward to staying home again with your professionally designed and constructed patio. Today’s patios are comfortable, functional and visually pleasing. You can turn your patio into the focal point and gathering place of your home, and our landscaping team at KG Landscape can help.

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Walkway Design and Construction

You may only get one chance to make a first impression, but stellar walkway design enhances the curb appeal and value of your property for years to come. Well-designed walkways should functional and visually appealing.

Water Features

Water features add a certain tranquil and soothing effect to any landscape. Water features attract birds and wildlife and is often the essential ‘finishing touch’ overlooked in completing your landscape design.

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How can we help you maintain your property?

KG Landscape is a family-owned and operated full-service lawn care team dedicated to providing the highest quality commercial and residential landscape design services for our clients throughout Minneapolis and Minnesota. We offer commercial and residential landscaping, mowing, weed control and much, much more. To learn more about what KG Landscape, the best Minneapolis lawn care and landscaping design company, can do for your property, call us now. Our dedicated project and account management team is standing-by ready to speak with you. (763) 568-7251.


Minneapolis Landscape Design Serviceslandscape design

KG Landscape Management offers high quality landscape design in Minneapolis at affordable rates – giving you the beautifully designed landscape you’ve always dreamed of. We get to know what you want in a yard design, we draft design layouts and execute your project with a sense of passion and excellence that you won’t find anywhere else.

Founder and landscape designer Kent T. Gliadon, personally oversees the company’s landscaping work. Kent is a University of Minnesota landscaping design expert known for his ability to create wonderfully flowing landscapes, with visual depth, and lasting seasonal interest. He has been in the business for more than a decade and bends over backwards for his landscaping clients. If there’s a problem, you can bet Kent will be there to fix it with his own two hands.

Kent’s philosophy is streamlined through his employees. He only hires those who are as passionate about landscape design as he is. If you’re interested in a landscaping career with KG Landscape in Minneapolis, then visit our jobs page to fill out a landscaping job application!

KG Landscape believes that to find a perfect yard design, you need to look between the lines. Within the shapes and gentle lines of a lawn design, the greatest landscapes are built. Using educated placement techniques for plantings and complementing them with functional and aesthetically pleasing uses of hardscape elements, Kent and his team come up with breathtaking yardscapes that fulfill a variety of uses. Plant characteristics like mature size, seasonal interest, light requirement, shape, and texture all come into play as we select and place each plant for a specific quality and purpose. Whether it’s guiding the eye, hiding an ugly area or just complementing a stone wall, plants are an incredibly useful tool in landscape design and function.

Front Yard Landscaping Services in Minneapolis

The front yard of your home is the only impression a lot of Minneapolis passersby will ever have of it. We all want to have an impressively landscpaed front yard, but these things don’t come easily to some of us. That’s when it’s time to call KG Landscape. We specialize in all kinds of front yard landscaping services.

Step one to renovating a front yard is often to take a look at the curb appeal. We get calls all the time from individuals who just don’t like the way the way their home looks from the street. KG Landscape knows how to work with whatever type of landscape space and budget you have to maximize your curb appeal.

The most important aspect of curb appeal is the plants used on your property. Once the appropriate greenery is planted, your work as a homewoner is far from over. Maintenance of these plants is a year-round job of upkeep, and looking ahead to the next season. Take pruning bushes, for example. Appropriately placed bushes can truly make a front yard beautiful. If they’re not pruned every autumn, however, you can be facing a nightmare come the following spring. Luckily, KG can help with this!

If you have any questions about our front yard landscaping services for areas around Minneapolis, give us a call! We’re landscape experts. So if you need to know what should be on your front yard checklist, or how to winterize a lawn in Minnesota, we’re your guys!

The Elements of Extraordinary Landscape Designs and Architecture


Our Minneapolis landscape design team is highly educated in retaining wall construction, masonry design and brick laying, using expert techniques to create clean and welcoming patios and yard environments. If you want to impress neighbors and add curb appeal to your home, then look to the experts at KG Landscape!

We use plantings along with natural stone elements, creating impressive entrances to visually pull the home into the landscape, compliment its architecture, create aesthetically pleasing views and block undesirable views. KG Landscape builds beautifully functional outdoor spaces for recreation, and pleasurably intimate spaces for relaxation.

Hardscape materials like edging, mulch, and stone are carefully chosen for their visual appeal and are custom selected to fit your project. No stone goes unturned during our selection process, and we give you complete control in the design elements of your new landscape.

Hardscapes like natural stone walls, water features, stone patios, and walkways are always designed in harmony with the flowing lines of the landscape beds and the balance of the plantings. This creates a serene environment that will draw guests in and give your family a place to truly call home.

Water Features

With a babbling brook installation or a neat spouting fountain in your yard, you can really feel at peace with a water installation. If you have a need for a water feature, KG Landscape is the company you should turn to. We won’t just install a fountain, but a water feature that makes your yard complete. Whether it’s a pond that attracts wildlife like chirping birds, a waterfall that emits a tranquil sound of water, a fountain or anything else you dream up, installing a water feature will be the final element that pulls your yard layout together. We carry a multitude of options in water feature installation in Minneapolis.

Retaining Stone Walls

Do you have a smaller yard that you think is incapable of achieving much? Do you have a lot of hills in your yard? Well, you can fix these inconveniences by installing retaining walls made with stone.

A stone wall in your front yard or back yard elevates land, drawing the eye up and making your yard seem larger. You can also utilize stone walls to create flat areas for your children to play, or for a garden. KG Landscape are the pros when it comes to retaining wall installation and design in Minnesota. We’ll build a beautiful, sturdy wall that will last for years, while suggesting improvements that can be made to your current walls. We offer a variety of stone and brick materials to match your personal style and budget. We’ll also provide planting services so you can enjoy the view of your new terrace.

Patio Construction

There’s nothing that can bring people together like a nice patio with a fire pit or BBQ cooker. At KG Landscape, we provide patio construction for clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

Minneapolis Patio Constructed By KG Landscape

A patio not only looks incredible, but ups your yard’s functionality as well. Your house is already beautiful and welcoming on the inside, so why not display that same sense of warmth on the outside? With KG Landscape, we provide the best patio construction services in Minneapolis and will tailor your design to your wants, needs and budget. With a multitude of material options, we will find the right stone type for your style preference.

Walkway Construction

The path to your house is the first impression you give off to visitors. You don’t want them to see a cluttered walkway with weed overgrowth. You especially don’t want them to trip on an uneven walkway.

Call KG Landscape, we provide the best walkway construction services in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs. We supply walkways that are specially designed with your specifications in mind. Whether you want a winding path or a simple straight shot walk, we’ll find the option that’s best for you and your home. If you’re thinking about installing a walkway at your home or commercial property, call the pros at KG Landscape now!

Our projects standout for their level of comprehension, and grow only more beautiful and appreciated as they mature.

Landscape Installation and Construction Services

Not only can our landscape designers help you maximize every inch of your property with a beautiful lawn and landscape – we also provide full-service landscape construction and installation. KG Landscape Management has the experience and equipment to install and construct the eye-catching landscape you’re looking for.

KG Landscape Management of Minneapolis can help you with the design, construction, and installation of:

  • Patios, Walkways and Driveways
  • Water features
  • Retaining walls
  • Edging
  • Plantings
  • Mulch and Rock
  • Sod and seeding
  • and more…

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Landscaping Services Example by KG Landscape

Year-Round Landscaping Services in Minneapolis

KG Landscape understands the importance of early preparation, midterm maintenance and post-growth protection for your lawn. Now that the snow is melting, call KG Landscape for all your spring lawn care needs. During the summer months, the last thing you want to forego is a strict watering regimen or weekly mowing. And in the fall, make sure you keep your lawn free of debris so when the snow melts again, you aren’t left with a tough thatch to work through! Whether you want us to pick up debris, such as leaves and branches, remove dead bushes, aerate, fertilize or seed your yard, we’re the landscapers in Minneapolis for the job.

Lawn Aeration Services

We provide lawn aeration services in Minneapolis and beyond. There is possibly no greater task you can perform on your yard in spring than lawn aeration. Core aeration will loosen compacted soil, giving your turf some space to breath. Aeration pokes holes in the ground, letting the grass easily soak up water and oxygen, turning it thick and green. If you noticed brown patches and dead grass last fall, then you’re going to want the help of KG Landscape to get that grass growing again!

Another great thing about lawn aeration is that it is easy to conduct dethatching as well! Thatch is a build up of deteriorated organic components that develops between the soil and air, blocking grass from budding up. The process of dethatching is easy when you have the experts at KG Landscape on your side. We’ll conduct our thatching services to create the best environment for your grass to grow thick and green. If you’re longing to get rid of that pesky thatch build up, then contact us now!

Weed Control Services

Our lawn fertilization and weed control services are unmatched. Our team has the ability to pinpoint problem areas in your yard and turn those areas into a functioning part of your landscape design. We utilize both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control applications to avoid those spring weeds and keep your lawn healthy all year. Say good bye to those annoyingly persistent weeds that take up precious lawn space and replace them with beautiful flowers or bushes. Our products are tested and approved by the state, and no harmful chemicals are used around you or your family, and keeps Fido safe.

Fertilization Services

In your spring lawn maintenance schedule, you should make sure fertilization is at the top of your list. Fertilization will keep your lawn a lush green for the entire year. A lawn that is fed properly has a much better chance in fighting the extreme heat of a Minnesota summer – and the extreme cold. On top of that, your lawn will be more resistant to scary events such as storms, droughts and floods. With a nourishing fertilization schedule, you’ll replace key nutrients, protect against intrusive bugs or weeds, and protect your grass from extreme conditions. By enlisting KG Landscape’s fertilization services, your grass will be better prepared to handle anything that’s thrown at it throughout the year. We’ll use our special fertilizer recipe that will last for weeks and come back when it needs to be replenished. The experts at KG Landscape will keep your lawn as healthy as it can be.

Weekly Mowing Services

If you dread dragging your push mower out of your shed and mowing your lawn every week, then why not let the professionals at KG Landscape take over? Our weekly mowing services leave you with a lawn that looks amazing day after day, all year round. Our mowing teams don’t let something like 100 degree heat to get to them. They are the most dependent lawn care team in Minneapolis, and will mow your grass perfectly every time, so that you don’t have to stress about it. Impress neighbors and boost your curb appeal with our spring mowing!

Minneapolis Mowing Services Display by KG Landscape

Irrigation Maintenance & Sprinkler System Installation

Without a proper watering system in place, you’re basically throwing money down the drain. The landscaping experts at KG Landscape have an entire team dedicated to sprinkler system installation and maintenance. They’ll have a new sprinkler system installed in no time, with quick response to irrigation maintenance issues or line breaks.

Our licensed irrigation technicians ensure that your new or current system will keep your grass a lush green all summer long and growing deep into the fall. In terms of sprinkler system installation, each zone of your yard is evaluated for best sprinkler head placement to ensure every last blade of grass receives the proper amount of water. They are able to test each and every head to ensure proper functionality, while servicing your irrigation system underground through special techniques and tools.

Questions about Landscape Design?

Our dedicated account management team is ready to answer any questions you may have. To learn more about KG Landscape Management works with you to create the perfect landscape design for your property, contact us at (763) 568-7251 or click here to request a quote.