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We are KG Landscape, a full-service, family owned, educated landscape design company serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding areas. If you’re in need of mowing services, weed control, irrigation system installation, walkway construction, tree planting or anything else, KG Landscaping will be a partner you can trust to do the job right. To learn more about what KG Landscape Management can do for your property, speak with a project and account manager by calling (763) 568-7251.


Minneapolis Lawn Care Services

KG Landscape Management understands the unique demands placed on Minnesota lawns. From mulching, lawn fertilization and weed control to mowing, edging, and trimming – KG Landscape provides all the lawn care and landscape maintenance services you need for a beautiful lawn all season long. We know that starting early is a big part of what makes a lawn stay beautiful from spring until fall, so if you’re debating lawn care services, now is the time to call KG Landscape!

Whether you are a home owner or a property owner in need of commercial landscape maintenance, our lawn services always start with experienced landscaping professionals, dedicated to giving you the best quality result after every visit. We use state of the art equipment to ensure your lawn is always cared for with absolute precision and effectiveness. If you want people talking about your building or company around town, then call KG Landscape, and we’ll draft some design plans that meet your specific criteria.

For lawn care near Minneapolis, residents and property managers should look no further than KG Landscape Management for any of your lawn service needs. Below you’ll find a brief overview of our lawn care services.

Fertilizer and Weed Control

Our fertilizer and weed control packages take the guess work out of a lush green lawn. Our applicators are licensed by the state and are ready for any questions you may have about problem and stubborn areas in your turf. It’s suggested that fertilizing your lawn four times a year will ensure a thick growth of green grass. Here at KG Landscape, we do the tough work for you, by scheduling optimal fertilizing times and operating top-of-the-line fertilizer equipment.

We supply preemergent and postemergent weed control to keep your lawn healthy all year round. The preemergent product is applied in the late spring after grass has sprouted, and allows a lush green color to shine through, while restricting pests like crabgrass. We also provide spot treatment if you feel an area of your yard is being neglected.

Along with our Minnesota fertilizer and weed control applications, we offer free advice on thatch management and watering guidelines to help get the most out of your landscape and our lawn care services. Thatch is a decaying layer of dead organic matter that lies in between your grass and its root system. Excessive thatch build up can cause growth problems at the grassroots of your lawn, disrupting your grass growth. Thatch prevents water and nutrients from soaking into the ground, and will be a pain if not taken care of immediately. Dethatching is the most effective way to fix this problem and will allow your grass to grow healthy and strong again. If you need help with a thatch problem, KG Landscape is the company to call.


Curbline / Sidewalk Edging and Lawn Mowing

Edging your curb lines and sidewalks is a great and inexpensive way to improve the look of your lawn.  Our special edging equipment lets us create a perfectly clean-cut line between your grass and curbs, sidewalks and patios. Edging is a great and inexpensive way to improve the value of your lawn. You will be astonished at the difference a clean grass line can make for the overall curb appeal of your property – don’t miss out on this lawn maintenance service! Additionally, we provide professional Minneapolis Lawn Mowing services.

Our professional team of lawn mowing experts are there for your lawn at every point of the season. Whether it’s a gloomy spring day, a sweltering 100+ degree week in July, or a chilly fall afternoon, our weekly mowers will be there every time, on time. Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly or once a year, KG Landscape is the team you want helping your yard the best one in the neighborhood.



Spring and Fall Cleanups and Leaf Removal

Our lawn service professionals start and end each mowing season with quality cleanups for spring and fall.

We use advanced bagging systems on our rider and push mowers, along with professional grade backpack blowers to clean leaves and debris out of even the most hard to reach places – leaving your lawn neat and ready for the coming season change.

Depending on your needs, we offer more than just springtime mowing for both residential and commercial properties. We’ll control weeds, install planters, fertalize, seed, and much more. KG Landscape is the company you want to partner with if you’re in need of spring cleaning services for your yard in Minnesota. With our dedicated, 24/7 staff, if a spring storm hits and knocks a tree into your yard, give us a call and KG Landscape will be the first team on the scene.

fall leaves clean-up

we offer more than just leaf removal.  We often couple our leaf removal with other lawn care services such as trimming, allowing for proper, symmetrical bush and shrub growth come early spring. If you want an immaculate lawn in the spring, you need to start in the fall. We are also available to remove dead and unwanted growth from perennials helping them come back full and healthy during the next growing season.

Whether you are looking for a simple leaf pickup or a complete landscape cleanup, we have you covered.

Core AerationCore Aeration and Over-Seeding

Core aeration loosens your compacted turf, resulting in ideal conditions for deep root establishment. If you have compacted soil, your lawn isn’t receiving enough oxygen and water to grow as healthy as possible. This lawn care service ensures a lush green property by allowing necessary water absorption right at the roots, while freeing up space to let grass roots grow bigger.

In addition to aiding root establishment, aeration increases your lawns ability to absorb nutrients while preventing unnecessary runoff or pooling. If you’ve been noticing a large amount of water pooling on your lawn during a heavy storm, or even a light rain, then you need to enlist KG Landscape’s lawn aeration services. Our team will use state-of-the-art equipment to aerate your lawn, followed by standard over seeding.

Over seeding after aeration is the most effective way to seed stubborn turf areas, giving you the best chance for a thick healthy lawn next spring.  We offer a variety of high quality grass seed for over-seeding, carefully matching the newly applied grass seed with that of the existing grass in your lawn, and suggesting new varieties when beneficial.

irrigation systemsIrrigation System Startups and Blowouts

We all know the importance of watering our yard, but without proper watering technique and proper irrigation system, you’re basically wasting your money. Our licensed irrigation techs are available in the spring and fall for custom irrigation startups and blowouts that fit your systems needs. Since these sprinkler systems are put underground, it makes it that much more important to have the right team helping you in your venture.

During our startups, each zone will be turned on and gone through head by head to ensure proper pressure, alignment and coverage area. We go through painstaking measures to ensure your landscape design goes untouched, and everything remains as it is. Our technicians have been with us for more than a decade, and have unmatched experience when it comes to water system installation. Upon completion of setting up your sprinkler system, our irrigation techs will go through any problem heads with you to let you know what needs to be fixed or replaced.


If you have any irrigation maintenance problems that you need addressed, our experienced team will help you understand the specification options and price points. Our technicians pride themselves on providing clients with a fast response time for leaks and breaks. If you need winterization services for your sprinklers, then look no further than here. KG Landscape is the irrigation installation expert in Minnesota. Click below to see a full list of our water services.

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