3 Reasons to Install Driveway Pavers

Driveway pavers are not often thought of by homeowners as an option to add value to their home. Curb appeal and patio spaces are the first things that come to mind for value. While that’s completely true, a driveway constructed with paver stones is another absolutely awesome way to make your house feel and look more like a home.

Edina Paver Driveway

1. Make a functional piece of your yard a feature for your home

Sometimes the best things in life come from the worst things. A driveway is often just a forgotten, big expanse of concrete or asphalt that provides no actual aesthetic value to your home. They are also a pain to do upkeep on (especially asphalt). Driveway pavers can add a wide range of colors and excitement to your front yard.

Paver Driveway Design and Installation Minneapolis MN KG Landscape

2. Built to last

Driveways made of paver stones are constructed in a way that makes them last longer than many other types of driveway. The paver stones themselves are made of concrete which can stand heavy traffic and lots of shoveling and snow blowing. In between the stones, a good company will use polymeric sand. It’s a special sand that bonds like a malleable concrete. It’s sand that turns almost into a rubbery plastic material when it gets wet. It holds the stones together better than any other material. Underneath the stones, there is a layer of base material that allows for optimal drainage of water.


3. Add a formal, welcoming touch to your home

Driveway pavers make any home look much more welcoming to guests and to you. There is just something about the soft tones and geometry of paver stones that make a house look much more like a home. Even though they are hard, sharp edges, any house that has pavers looks much softer and approachable. Paver stones also add a more formal look to a home. They elevate a standard house to a more prestigious look.


If you’re looking for a paver driveway in Minneapolis or St. Paul, give KG Landscape a call. We have the years of experience and passion to take your boring driveway and turn it into something you’ll be proud to park your car on. Fill out a quick quote or give our office a call at 763-568-7251 today to start the process.