3 Reasons You Need A Pergola Or Trellis

Pergolas and trellises are not all that popular in the Minneapolis area… yet! But they have taken over the landscaping scene in many parts of the country. Here are 3 reasons you need a pergola or trellis for your Minneapolis backyard.

1. Shade

This is the most obvious reason for needing a pergola. A paver patio or deck is a wonderful space to have for entertaining guests, relaxing after a long day at work, and just enjoying the summer time. The problem comes when the sun is beating down on you while you’re trying to enjoy your food or an adult beverage. Especially in high summer (June, July, August), the sun can be a major deterrent from really enjoying your outdoor space.

A pergola blocks the sun from beating down on you. The base pergola has piece pieces along the top to block the sun at certain angles. However, a roof can be added out of fabric, metal, or wood. That would add even more protection.

Pergola with shade minneapolis

2. Add interest to an uninteresting area

A trellis is a great addition to any blank wall in your garden or outdoor space. We have done many projects in the past where there is lots of interest at the ground level. Plants flower at different times, the paver patio is an interesting design, and the walkway are functional and beautiful but sometimes there is a blank side of a house. Just sitting there as a solid color background.

Now imagine that space with a handcrafted wooden trellis with an intricate design. Imagine flowering vines climbing the trellis in unique directions. Imagine how beautiful that blank space would look with something more natural.

Trellis with vines against wall

3. More space to customize and add personal touches

Many parts of a garden and landscape space are horizontal. The plants get laid out on an x-y axis. The edging goes flat around the ground. Plants often grow outward more than upward. Patios and walkways, while functional and gorgeous, are flat spaces. A pergola or trellis gives your space a vertical component that is really not very attainable with any other solutions.

The added vertical space gives you an entire canvas to play with. You can now add hanging plant pots and vertical climbing vines. Lighting can be added to set an intimate mood. Curtains hanging from the sides makes the space feel more enclosed like an outdoor room. All of those options are available when you have a pergola or a trellis.

pergola with outdoor lighting

If your interest in a pergola or trellis has been piqued, be sure to visit our wood features page to learn more. If you’d like a quote or want to learn more from our experienced designers, give us a call at 763-568-7251 or fill out a quote on our hassle free quote form!

Trellis Minneapolis MN