4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Snow Removal Company

1. How big is your fleet of trucks and snow plows?

A good snow removal company in Minnesota will have a large fleet of trucks and plows in tip top shape. A company with only one or two trucks can be very susceptible to break downs. That smaller company doesn’t have the capacity to make up for that break down. Larger companies,  like KG Landscape Management, employs a full time mechanic in the winter to fix broken trucks and plows. If something does go wrong while our fleet is out plowing, one of the other trucks can cover the properties that might have been missed. Our mechanic will fix the truck to get it out to you sooner and more reliably than a company with a small crew.

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2. What do you do about snow piles when doing snow removal in Minneapolis and St. Paul?

Snow piles can absolutely devastate a landscape area once the snow melts. Snow piles can easily kill grass and plant beds or ruin landscape areas that you worked on extensively. Our sales team works with everyone from small residential clients up to large commercial campuses to make overhead maps of every single one of our properties. We use the maps to place snow piles in the correct place. This makes your property or home safer for visitors and plants.

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3. Do you keep accurate records of your residential and commercial snow removal?

Accurate records of snow removal services in Minneapolis can be crucial, especially for commercial properties. Unfortunately, even in the best of snow removal and de-icing services, slips and falls happen on ice. If a property does not have accurate records of their snow removal and salting, they can be open to a law suit from the person who fell. This is especially true for businesses that have customers visit often and enter their building.

KG Landscape uses tablets and Google Drive to record all of our snow removal and salting dates and times. We also have GPS tracking in every truck. If you have questions on when we were at your property, we can easily answer them.

4. Do you provide snow removal all over the Minneapolis area?

Your snow removal company should have a wide area of coverage. Completing snow removal services in many different areas proves the company’s quality and reliability. A company that only does snow removal in one small area might not have trucks that work very well. Companies that can market themselves and provide great service expand their operations so you can trust them.

If you would like a quote or want to speak to one of our experienced snow removal specialists, give us a call at 763-568-7251 or fill out a quick quote on our website!

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