4 Reasons To Build A Wood Fence

Before making a big purchase, it’s important to research what your options are and what the best option available is. We are here to tell you that a wood fence is the best if you are looking for one. There are many advantages to a wood fence over a vinyl, chainlink, or metal fence.

Top 4 Reasons To Build A Wood Fence

1.Natural Look – Wood is a natural product and that aspect of it is worth every penny. A fence is one of those pieces of your landscape that you want to blend into the yard and just have small pieces of it highlighted. It’s like painting the walls of a room. You want the color to look natural and compliment the other parts of the room but also not be too bland. A the soft wood colored tones of a wood fence is just like that. It compliments the plants and edging and hardscapes but doesn’t take the attention away from them.


2. More Creative Add-Ons – The detail work that is available for a wood fence is never ending. You can add many details to gates as you can see in the picture below. You can cut and add and doing a million things to the top of the fence. There are endless possibilities for the top caps of each post. Your imagination is the only hindrance to what can be done.

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3. Easy Fixing – Fences can take a major beating from the elements. Wind, snow, rain, and other weather activity can punish any type of fence so fixing will happen at some point. A vinyl fence comes in solid pieces so to fix it, you would have to replace the entire piece. A wood fence is much easier to fix because wood is cheap to buy and replace. A wood fence is put together using screws and nails which are also easy for almost anyone to install or repair.


4. More Customization – I spoke about this a little bit with #2 but the customization is a little bit different to the add-on part. With customization, I mean specifically the wood fence from the ground up, not gates and accouterments. Comparing the three pictures in this blog post, you can see the unbelievable variety and styles available. A horizontal fence is super modern and clean and contemporary. A more traditional vertical slotted fence is classic and affordable.


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