6 Landscape Services Needed for a Commercial Property

6 Landscape Services Needed for a Commercial Property

Maintaining a beautiful outdoor space at a commercial property in the Minneapolis area can be a lot of work. There is a lot of equipment necessary and expertise needed to keep the property looking gorgeous all year long. Let KG Landscape Management be your go-to company for all your maintenance needs.

These are the services we have identified as needed in your all-inclusive maintenance plan for your company. KG Landscape uses a different approach to commercial landscape maintenance. We train our employees, have on call account managers, and are college educated in landscape services.

Spring Clean Up

  • What is it: After the snow has melted, a team comes to the property and does a cleanup including: dethatching the grass, pruning perennials, cleaning up any leaves, and blowing out curb lines.
  • Why it’s needed: This is a final clean up before the summer season when your property will be on display all summer long. Dethatching grass and cleaning up leaves will set up your grass for the mowing and fertilizing that will come for the next 6 months. Cutting back perennials allow them to grow back fuller and greener.

Hedge Trimmer

Lawn Mowing

  • What is it: Weekly, an experienced group of professional lawn care individuals mows all grass, weed whip the entire property, and picks weed from plant beds.
  • Why it’s needed: A well manicured lawn promotes the professionalism of your business. However, mowing grass has many benefits beyond just making your property look amazing. Cutting grass to the perfect length promotes healthy growth and decreases the likelihood of weeds.

Lawn Mower for Minneapolis Landscaping


  • What is it: Three to five times a year (or even more often) a fertilization expert comes to your property and sprays the grass with both fertilizer and weed control.
  • Why it’s needed: Having green, weed free grass projects the image that you take care of your grounds, just like you will take care of your customers. Fertilizer strengthens your grass so it stays green all summer long. Weed control helps fight those pesky and persistent weeds that seem to creep up.

Tank Sprayer for Truck

Bush Trimming

  • What is it: Two times a summer, a team of experienced, well trained workers come to your property to trim and shape up your shrubs and bushes.
  • Why it’s needed: Having well shaped bushes and shrubs shows a professional image for your company. It also keeps the bushes and shrubs healthy by promoting new growth, including flowers and leaves.

Bush Trimming Equipment


  • What is it: While also bush trimming, the professionals cut all grass away from sidewalk lines. They use a different extension on a weed whip.
  • Why it’s needed: Edged sidewalks just have that super clean look. It’s a simple task that is like the cherry on top of an excellent looking outdoor space.

Edger for Minneapolis Landscape

Fall Clean Up

  • What is it: When the majority of the leaves have fallen down, a lawn crew mulches them up and removes them from your property. The crew also cuts back perennials.
  • Why it’s needed: Dead leaves covering your grass can be very harmful. They can cut the grass off from needed sunlight and water. Also, they can promote fungal growth. Cutting back perennials allows them room to grow back full and healthy in the next growing season.

Backpack Blower for Fall Clean Up

For all your commercial property landscape services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, be sure to contact KG Landscape Management. We have a hassle free quote form you can fill out online or call us at (763) 568-7251.