5 Landscaping Ideas with Pavers

Here at KG Landscape, we get many requests for paver stones as part of a brand new landscape. However, many of our clients only think of paver stones as a beautiful patio, well we wanted to talk about some other ideas for paver stones.

1. Build a patio

Coon Rapids Patio Landscaping

This is the obvious option for pavers and the first thing that people think of when you say “pavers”. Creating a space outside to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota weather, grill some food, and just relax is invaluable to any home. You want your patio to have enough room for all the activities you plan for it. There are many different options for paver patio stones so working with a designer can be a huge help.

2. Construct a walkway

Paver Walkway Minneapolis MN

Walkways tend to be an afterthought for many homeowners but they are actually an area where you can get a lot more bang for your buck. Walkways are used every single day (or just about). So why not make that utilitarian space a beautiful, welcoming addition to your outdoor living area? Walkways are available in many, many different varieties. You can use paver stones or natural flagstone to create a walkway that is both attractive and useful.

3. Seating wall for your guests

Seating Wall Minneapolis

A seating wall is an addition to a patio space that, if the resources are available, will turn a simple patio into a true outdoor living space. A seating wall gives a patio some enclosure, it makes the outdoor space feel more intimate and inviting. A seating wall also provides more room for guests to lounge and hang out when having a fire or eating an outdoor barbeque.  There are some really inventive, cool looking styles that seating walls can take as well.

4. Make a stoop

Hardscape Step Patio Design Installation

A stoop is similar to the walkway I talked about above. It’s one of those utilitarian aspects to an outdoor living space that is often overlooked in a design. But there are so many cool things that can be done with them. A natural stone step is a less expensive, but still attractive option. However, a paver faced stoop into a home is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. The elegance and cohesion that a matching stoop and patio can have is priceless.

5. In ground fire pit

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Imagine sitting outside on a cool fall night, grilling over an open flame or enjoying some s’mores. Usually, this requires going to a camp site and all the work that that involves. But how convenient would it be to simply step outside your home and have a great, warm fire with your family or group of friends? A fire pit adds interest to a patio so it’s not just an open space. It also adds functionality for open fire grilling and warmth.


If you would like to start planning your new paver landscape elements, give KG Landscape a call today at 763-670-1472 or fill out a quote request on our website!