7 Tips for Great Front Yard Landscaping and Curb Appeal

Business in the front, party in the back . . . It doesn’t get much more cliché than that, but this is the most practical landscaping advice we provide our clients who are deciding how to landscape their home. In this blog entry, I am going to tackle the business aspect (front yard landscaping). When discussing big landscape projects, I often assure clients that the front yard curb appeal is the more important step. Many homeowners living in Minneapolis and St. Paul prefer a combination of the cottage-style landscaping and formal design to create their ideal front yard landscaping.


Beautiful front yard landscaping

7 Tips for Beautiful Curb Appeal in Minneapolis

1) By “business in the front,” I mean keep it clean and relatively simple in the front yard, but still interesting and colorful without going overboard. Because people generally agree on great curb appeal, use a designer to make sure that you, the neighbors, and future potential buyers can all agree that your landscaping is well done and welcoming.

2) Use formal design elements in the front yard, like evergreen rows or boxwood hedges to give a “cleaner,” more formal look that provides interest throughout the winter. But certainly don’t make it boring; flowering shrubs and perennials are also a must have! If you’re looking for specific plant ideas, check out our curb appeal gallery!

3) Use taller shrubs that reach the bottom of the windows against the house and shorter shrubs or perennials along the front border to provide depth and greater seasonal interest. Using at least two or three layers of plants (tall in back, medium height in the middle, and shorter plants in front) looks so much better than a single row.


Use a mix of evergreens and flowering perennials in a hedge row.

4) Use groups of the same flowering plant species next to one another to create continuity and simplicity. This also makes these groupings very impressive from a distance (easy to appreciate from the street . . . “curb appeal”) when flowering and less overwhelming than using many different varieties in one small space.

5)  Make sure you incorporate both evergreens and flowering perennials to maximize interest throughout the season. I like using evergreens along the back row or boxwood hedges along a front border.

6) If you love planting annuals each year, plant them only in pots, window boxes, or in a small dedicated section of the landscaping close to the main entrance or at the beginning of the main walkway where they will draw people toward the front door and be most noticeable. Annuals can work well as a focal point, but so do small flowering trees like hydrangeas, as shown in the top photo.

7) Use ornamental trees or taller shrubs to “key” the corner of the house. These will soften the look of the home and provide a more natural transition from your house to the landscaping below.

If you’re looking to add to the curb appeal of your Minneapolis/St. Paul home, be sure to give us a call at 763-670-1472 or visit our quick quote page. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to start designing and improving your front yard landscaping.