Our Team

Our Team

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Kent Gliadon CEO Owner KG Landscape


Kent Gliadon serves as the President and CEO of KG Landscape Management. Kent attended the University of Minnesota for his B.A. in Environmental Horticulture focusing on turf science and landscape design.


He also attended the Carlson School of Management for his minor in Business Management. Kent has a strong technical and hands-on understanding of the turf maintenance, landscape design, and landscape maintenance services we offer.


Since 2003, Kent has been leading the development of our organization and the systems that enable us to provide the services our clients need. He is active in all aspects of the company including account management, design, and sales.

Josh Tyra VP of Operations


Josh Tyra is the VP of Operations for KG Landscape Management. He is a University of Minnesota graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Horticulture with a focus on landscape design and turf science. Josh worked for 2 years in golf course management and 2 years in irrigation system design, before joining the KG Landscape team  in 2006.


Since joining the management team, Josh has capitalized on his vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of landscape design, maintenance, and installation by hiring, training, and organizing our work crews that go out and service our clients. Josh utilizes Google Drive and Google Calendar to schedule projects and ensure communication between clients, management, and workers out in the field.

Russell Gliadon VP of Sales


Russell Gliadon is a Senior Account Manager and VP of Sales at KG Landscape Management. After receiving his B.A. in communication studies from St. John’s University, Russell accepted his current position with our team.


Russell’s day to day focus is on producing high quality services for his clients. He takes it upon himself to ensure each valued client receives the best service in the industry. Whether he is working with property managers or homeowners, his dedication and professionalism have proven invaluable to the customer experience at KG Landscape Management.

Jeremy Bydlon KG Landscape


Jeremy Bydlon is the office and project coordinator at KG Landscape and wears a variety of “hats” throughout the company. During the summer, he’s the primary contact and salesmen for our residential lawn care services. Through his unique experiences as a math teacher, head coach, and website developer, Jeremy provides organization and communication between the landscape sales and operations portions of our business. In the winter, he maintains and expands our online presence using website development, content marketing, and SEO practices.


Jeremy organizes and orders all landscape projects sheets so they are ready to be started. He also inputs data from workers out in the field into spreadsheets that are ready to be billed for our clients. You can see some of his blog writing on the KG Landscape blog

KG Landscape


Jessica Tyra joins our team about two years ago. Her brother, Josh, also works at KG Landscape. She graduated from college with a leadership degree. She’s used her past experience as a team captain, coach, and manager to move up quickly in KG Landscape’s leadership team.


You’ll see Jessica visiting your property for a spring irrigation start up and fall irrigation blow out. Throughout the summer, Jessica works to facilitate and improve our lawn care service quality. She organizes and routes the lawn care and fertilizer crews, checks on the quality of their work, and generally keeps them going.

KG Landscape


Dan Miley is the mechanical operations manager for our company. He started with our company over 4 years ago and has gained immense technical knowledge through hands on experience. He has worked previously for auto body repair and auto mechanic shops as well.


It is Dan’s responsibility to ensure our fleet of trucks is in top working order. He also fixes and maintains all of our power equipment including bobcats, mowers, weed whips, saws, and anything else that makes you feel awesome when you use it.