Drainage Swale Proposal

Carving a Drainage Swale

The homeowners have had water issues in their backyard for many years. Especially during spring melting, the water in the backyard has collected and pooled on their patio and in their backyard. They called us looking for drainage help with this water pooling issue.


Chaska Garage With Drainage Problem

The homeowners built a new garage on their property in Chaska. The new garage was built with two sides of it facing  a pretty steep hill. When it would rain, the rain would run down the hill towards the garage and could cause major issues for this new investment.

mendota heights natural stone walls planting

Open, Welcoming Tiered Curb Appeal

Taking a closed off, overgrown courtyard and transforming it into a series of retaining walls and plants was the most dramatic transformation we’ve done yet. Learn more about how this project came together.

Boxwood Planting Small Backyard Edina

Outdoor Space for Adults and Kids

Transforming a blank slate in Edina into a beautiful two tiered backyard with entertaining and outdoor space.

Commercial Landscaping Minneapolis MN

Courtyard Oasis Refresh

A luxury condominium complex needed to reorganize and refresh their courtyard area to convert it into an oasis for their residents. 

Front Yard landscaping Maple Grove MN

Curb Appeal and Backyard Entertaining

A home in South Minneapolis wanted to dial up their curb appeal with a sprinkler system and new plantings. They also wanted a backyard entertaining area with a brick patio and walkway in the backyard.

Patio Design Coon Rapids

Spacious Restaurant Paver Patio

In our biggest paver patio project ever, our team revitalized a dilapidated patio area at a local restaurant. The project was a incredibly to see when it finished.

Minneapolis Landscaping

Extravagant Wrap-around Plantings

The clients really wanted a front yard that would impress their guests with plantings as they entered the home. They also wanted an entertaining space in their backyard, which also happens to be on a lake.


Intimate Entertainment Space

Installing a sitting wall around a paver patio allows for more space for guests to lounge as well as encloses the patio to create a more intimate setting. These are the exact reasons this client asked for the design they did. 

Small Backyard Patio South Minneapolis Uptown

Urban Backyard Patio and Plantings

Working around a small backyard in the Whittier neighborhood was a slightly different experience than we’re used to. The patio and backyard ended up looking great.

dry well exterior sump pump and backyard hill planting

Outdoor Sump Pump and Stone Steps

This backyard in Lino Lakes needed some serious drainage help with all the water collecting. They also needed and elegant solution for getting down a hill. We delivered.


Backyard Hill Sloped Toward Back of House

A hill aimed toward the back of a house is a recipe for water disaster. Our team developed solutions to solve these issues.

sump pump to sewer connection overhead map

Sump Pump Connection to Sewer Line

Sump pumps spill out water in unfortunate places. Connecting the line straight to the sewer line solves all the problems.

Back Corner Drainage Issue Fixed

Gutter Leading to Puddling in Back Corner of Yard

A gutter dumping water into a corner is never a good idea. Installing a catch basin and dry well solved the water issues before they got serious.


Small, Flat Yard in Edina Causing Pooling

Designing and installing a drainage solution for this extremely flat yard in Edina had an added difficulty of being a small yard. With our know how and experience, we were able to solve the issues.

Walkway Drainage Issues Fixed Minnetonka

Walkway and Drainage Issues In Front Yard

Walkways can settle into a yard over time. This will allow water to collect and freeze on the walkway which is not something anyone wants. Installing drainage solutions and raising the walkway solves the problem!


New Concrete Sidewalk and Grading Issues Alongside House

Installing a new concrete sidewalk was just the first step. We needed to ensure the sidewalk lasted the test of time by installing drainage solutions alongside the house.


Replace Wooden Retaining Wall and Fix Drainage

Replacing an old, worn out wooden retaining wall was the first step. Fixing the drainage behind and below the wall was the second.


Better Concrete Walkway and Dry Well To Contain Water

Fixing the drainage in this small backyard in St. Anthony was a byproduct of replacing and improving the concrete walkway in the backyard.


Control Water Running Down Driveway Into Lawn

The water runoff from the driveway was causing major lawn issues. We built a large dry well to collect and control that run off.