Snow Removal for Minneapolis Apartments

apartment snow removal minneapolisAre you a Minnesota landlord looking for snow removal services? KG Landscape is just the provider you need. Apartment complexes are among the first buildings that need to be plowed out, but from time to time, they occasionally take a backseat to commercial properties. We at KG Landscape understand that a landlord’s top priority is to get tenants cleared out as soon as possible.

Every resident knows that Minnesota snow storms are a force to be reckoned with, but you can let us carry the burden this season. Ease stress for you and your tenants, and know that KG Landscape has you covered. We have different services at different levels of frequency so that you’re sure to get exactly what you need.

KG Offers Residential Snow Removal, Too!

If you’re renting out a house near the Twin Cities, and want to offer snow removal services to your tenants, KG Landscape also has residential snow removal services. Take a look at our specific pricing and packages for residential properties!

We’re expected to fill up our routes by November, so if our snow removal services sound like they’re just what you need this winter, request a quote from KG Landscape today!


Snow Removal Packages

One-Time Service

If there’s that one storm you just can’t get to, or your usual service falls through, KG Landscape is happy to offer one-time snow removal services. You’ll be billed per trip/hourly, and we’ll come through once our regular routes are all cleared out.

Full Season Pricing

You can be certain that in the state of Minnesota, snow removal services for the full season will be money well spent. Our service triggers after one or two inches of snow, based on what your needs are. We also offer a 12 hour service guarantee, so you can be sure to get your tenants back on the road in no time!
Seasonal pricing. Pay once, and you’re done!
Service triggers based on your budget and requirements

KG Landscape’s Snow Removal Services

Shoveling and Plowing

Shoveling is one past time all of us Minnesotans have that no one reflects fondly on. For the safety of your tenants, passersby, and anyone else on the property, pathways and surrounding areas have to be thoroughly shoveled out. Our equipment ensures that the job is done, and that it’s done right.

Put those plastic shovels away, and let KG Landscape take over. We’ve got snow blowers, and even will bust out one of the bobcats we have on hand to clear out those walkways and parking areas!

residential snow removal minneapolis

Snow Stacking and Hauling

If your apartment building has a parking lot for your tenant’s convenience, you know how frustrating the snow can be. We have options available so that your tenants can access the spaces they pay for.

Salting, Sanding, Deicing

Once the snow is cleared off, concrete becomes hazardous. Landlords know that tenants slipping on their property can’t happen. With sanding, salting, and deicing, KG Landscape makes your walkways and driveways safe as can be.