Attracting Wild Animals

Attracting Wild Animals

With the trend of consumers being more conscious about how they impact the world, designing landscapes have become a more ecological endeavor. Being more friendly to animals in your garden and landscaping is a really good idea. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to attract beneficial animals.

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How to Attract Wild Animals

The first step for attracting helpful animals is deciding what kind of helpful animals you want. Insects like bees and ladybugs pollinate your flowers and shrubs for you. Wild animals like butterflies make your garden more beautiful and vibrant. Larger animals like bats and cats can keep harmful animals away from your garden to keep it looking great. It’s important to think about the implications of those animals however. A colony of bees is great if you have more open space and the ability to keep it away from any children you might have. Spiders can be helpful for your garden to spread pollen and keep harmful insects away, but you want to be careful about attracting the right ones. So there’s a lot to consider!


  • Make a sheltered area for the birds to visit. You can create a bird house as a fun, family craft idea. You can also buy a bird house or nest shelter for multiple birds. Make sure you hang the bird house high up in a tree to keep predators like cats away, and place it out of the sun and rain.
  • Put up a bird feeder! Again, you can create these as a fun craft project with younger kids. Otherwise you can buy them. Be sure to ask an expert to get the rid birdseed for the birds you want in your yard!
  • Finally, this is where the landscapers come in . . . Grow native plants in your landscape areas to encourage birds to visit and stay. Native plants give birds plenty of food and birds help pollinate the plants. It’s the circle of life!


  • Just like the other wild animals on this list, ladybugs are wonderful for your garden. They eat pests and help keep your plants healthy!
  • You can build a lady bug box!
  • This website has a ton of great lady bug info. You can mail order ladybugs but you have to release them correctly. Also, they have some great tips for keeping ladybugs like placing saucers of water in the garden and not using chemicals.


  • Bees pollinate your flowers, vegetables, and fruits to allow them to grow. They are the ultimate free help to keeping your garden beautiful year after year.
  • One tip would be to let your yard be a little bit wild. Wild animals like bees need a little bit of wild space to find a home.
  • Plant colorful, big flowers and herbs that will attract the bees with a nice scent. This website has a big list of bee friendly plants!


  • ButterfliesThe experts recommend growing butterfly friendly plants like butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) and butterfly bush (Buddleja officinalis). Both of these plants are incredibly beautiful in and of themselves. They, however, have the added benefit of attracting gorgeous butterflies.
  • Grow brightly colored flowers. Just like humans, butterflies are attracted to flowers that are orange, red, yellow, pink, and purple. Not only are these bright flowers beautiful, they’re also rich in nectar, which butterflies loooooove.
  • Some other ideas include: using butterfly food, looking up native plants, and researching your favorite butterflies.