How A Pergola Can Bring Shade and Beauty to Any Yard

While Minnesotans anxiously wait for summer, the intense heat can be too much for some. Instead of sitting in the sweltering sun, enjoy the outdoors with your gorgeous new pergola. These decorative additions are highly sought after for their durable, affordable, and distinguished properties. Pergola design is customizable to help you define your outdoor living space while seeking refuge from the sun. This landscape addition can even boost your home’s curb appeal. 

If you’re thinking about revitalizing your outdoor space near the Twin Cities, MN, consider adding a decorative pergola to provide shade during the summer. Read on to explore how a pergola can bring shade and beauty to any yard.

What Are Pergolas?

Have you ever wondered how a pergola could offer your home both distinction and shade protection? Pergolas are landscaping structures that help you beat the heat during the summer months. They have four beams, cross rafters on top, and no walls to create an inviting outdoor space. These freestanding structures add a functional and beautiful focal point to any patio design. Since pergolas are customizable, you can choose what aspects are essential to you.

Some determining factors to consider before installing a pergola include:

  • What’s the location in proximity to your home?
  • How much sun exposure does it get?
  • How much shade do you want?
  • What type of color and material best fits your home’s aesthetic?

Consider these questions and work with a landscaping specialist to help design your perfect backyard pergola. Whether you’re relaxing outside during the day or dining under the stars at night, a pergola offers shelter from the elements and a lot of style. 

How to Personalize Your Pergola

Not only do pergolas make excellent stand-alone designs, but they also pair nicely with many other landscaping features. While pergolas are freestanding, you can also add some latticework for more privacy and shade control. From rustic to ornate to elaborate, choose the style that speaks to you. For example, consider the following ways to personalize your pergolas, such as:

  • Add decorative lighting 
  • Hang flower planters
  • Drape a sunshade canopy 
  • Use latticework for extra privacy
  • And much more!

As you can see, pergolas are one of the most versatile landscape features. If you’re looking to add some extra style, hang all-weather fabrics. The soft flowing canopy will make you feel like you’re in the Italian countryside while also adding to your open patio. You can even pair it with built-in decorative fire pits and stunning mood lighting fixtures

Whatever style you’re looking for, our talented landscaping specialist can help you achieve it.

Benefits of Visually-Appealing Pergola Design

When it comes to picking the right outdoor landscaping design, the options can be overwhelming. While some homeowners choose to build a deck, this time-consuming project isn’t always suitable for every yard. Instead, adding a decorative pergola to your patio is a cost-effective way to extend your living space. If you’re considering a patio renovation, consult with our landscaping designers to help you find the right economical and beautiful design for your area.

Pergolas bring numerous benefits to your home, including:

  • Can be personalized to fit your space
  • Helps you avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Boosts curb appeal
  • Pairs nicely with other landscape features
  • Made to be durable and long-lasting
  • Can be quickly installed
  • Creates an open, airy, and inviting space
  • Is an affordable outdoor design solution 
  • Comes in various shapes, sizes, and materials

Pergolas also cover more surface area than small decorative arbors to provide shade cover over beautifully designed patio spaces. Stay cool in your comfortably shaded, semi-protected area.

Define Your Outdoor Space With a Pergola

Don’t break the bank to add some shade to your yard; pergolas are an affordable and easy-to-install option for every space. You can either create freestanding pergolas or connect them to your home as windbreak support. Pergolas are also great for smaller spaces because the slates allow more light in without making you feel trapped or confined. Since pergolas are a decorative archway composed of vertical pillars that support rafters or cross beams, they can seamlessly fit into every outdoor space. 

If you want even more protection from the elements, you can add different roofing options made from wood, metal, or fabric such as:

  • All-weather fabric 
  • Fixed Roof
  • Stretched canvas canopy
  • Retractable canopy
  • Roof extension

Stay Cool in Style

While many Minnesotan homes combine traditional porch and awning combinations, stand out with your beautiful and durable pergola. There are various style options which means that these decorative archways add visual interest to any backyard. You can even incorporate additional design features that fluctuate, such as adding hanging plants, latticework for ivy, or soft fabric for further personalization.

Fun tip: Plant climbing plants like wisteria and roses nearby to add a colorful backdrop. 

Be the envy of your neighborhood with a gorgeous new pergola to add cooling shade in the summer. If you are considering upgrading your outdoor space, consider adding a customized pergola.

Seek Shelter From the Elements With Pergola Design

If you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor space, consider adding a pergola. Pergolas can bring shade and beauty to any patio and even extend your outdoor living space. By consulting with a landscape architect, you can choose your preferred pergola design to blend seamlessly into your outdoor space. 

At KG Landscape, we’re proud to offer stylish, affordable, and long-lasting solutions for your property. We source only the highest quality wood to create a visually appealing architectural addition to your home. Our personalized pergolas can be either stand-alone or attached to your home, depending on your desires.

With years of experience creating customized landscaping designs for customers throughout the Twin Cities, we have the tools and techniques to do the same for you. 

Our premier landscaping design team is available 24/7 to answer client’s questions, and help spruce up your landscaping project. 

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