Beautify the Inside of your Home with these Landscaping Elements

Beautify the Inside of your Home with these Landscaping Elements

Interior landscape design makes homes more livable. During those dreary winter months when the outside garden disappears under snow, it is nice to see interior gardens bloom.

In order to thrive, plants need the correct temperature and enough light, water, and nutrients. To have successful indoor landscaping, it is necessary to think in terms of microclimates. A microclimate is a special area where the environmental conditions differ from the surrounding area. A microclimate is something as small as a terrarium that sits on a tabletop or something as large as a room-sized Atrium.

All of these wonderful microclimates are possible in the interior of a home, even when it is freezing cold outside. Besides terrariums and atriums, other inside landscaping ideas include indoor gardens, fish ponds, fountains, window greenhouse gardens, sunrooms, cactus gardens, skylight patios and Zen gardens.

indoor herb gardenIndoor Gardens

Here are some plants that can bloom in winter when kept indoors under the proper conditions:

  • African Violets
  • Orchids
  • Roses
  • Hibiscus

These plants will make flowers all year long as long as they get enough light. Florescent grow lights are sufficient to make these plants bloom. Indoor gardens make use of gravel, polished stone, and sand surrounding the base of the plants so there is rarely any need to remove any weeds.

One innovative design starts with the construction of box to hold a raised flowerbed. Cutouts for standard size pots have positions at strategic points in the design. This allows changing plants from season to season or as desired for a new look. Using gravel or stone to hide the edges of the pots creates the illusion that everything is planted. This is the technique used in many of the finest Las Vegas hotels.

Fish Ponds and Fountains

Indoor fish ponds combined with fountains make a wonderfully peaceful element in a home. Water feature maintenance is like aquarium maintenance using water filtration and aeration systems. Fountains circulate water back into the fish pond helping aerate the water. Fountains are great when used alone as well. A beautiful fountain surrounded by hibiscus and other seasonal flowers creates a grand entrance to a luxury home.

indoor water feature minneapolis

Window Greenhouse Gardens

Window greenhouse gardens are glass-enclosed shelves, mounted on the interior side of the windowpane. They capture what sunlight comes through the glass from the exterior sunlight. They may need supplemental lighting and heating as necessary to provide the correct microclimate. African violets do well in such window greenhouses. When temperatures get warmer, they also make excellent herb gardens.


Sunrooms are delightful in winter when they catch the morning sun. One clever technique is to have a few easy to carry pots of hibiscus or roses. When they are blooming, leave them in the sunroom for a few hours in the morning or afternoon. Then, bring them in to the house when the sun goes down to serve as center pieces on tables.

cactus garden indoor landscapingCactus Gardens

Cactus is very hardy and winter is the perfect time to install an indoor cactus garden. Cactus does surprisingly well even in cold areas because the extremes of the desert range from searing heat in summer to below freezing at night in winter. Cactus gardens are terrific conversation pieces when visitors enter a home and see them in Minnesota. One expects to see them in homes in the Southwest but not so often in Minneapolis. That is why they make a stunning statement, when they are encountered where they are least expected.

Skylight Patios

Skylight Patios or three season patios are like sunrooms in that they are transitional spaces between the cozy warm interior of a home and the chilly exterior. They can be heated with space heaters (be sure of proper ventilation). During the holiday season, it is great to fill them with poinsettias, holly plants, and evergreen trees.

mini zen gardenZen Gardens

The elements of a Zen garden are simple. The ingredients are a container or containment space, pure white sand or sand of an attractive color, a few dynamic rocks of different shapes and sizes, and a few plants, which might include some charming bonsai trees. The object of the Zen garden is to create a space of tranquility.

The practice of making a Zen garden includes meditation while concentrating on raking the sand to make beautiful swirling patterns and straight lines. The patterns in the sand are not meant to be permanent. Even if the children run through the sand and mess up the pattern, it is simply ready for another raking meditation when time permits. Zen gardens have the advantage of working on the growth of the inner spirit while performing simple tasks with aesthetically beautiful results.

Indoor landscaping projects are lots of fun and bring satisfaction and pleasure for many years. If you have the available space in your home and come up with some fabulous indoor landscaping ideas, you shouldn’t be afraid to implement them into your home decor.