The Best Minneapolis Snow Removal Technology

Technology is an important component to any evolving business. Here at KG Landscape, we are constantly brainstorming ways to provide better value and quality to our Minneapolis snow removal clients. That involves visible things like new plows, new trucks, new tools, better materials, things like that. However, it also includes not visible ideas like weekly meetings for staying in communication, using Google Drive to organize projects and routes, copious amounts of training on best practices, etc. Here’s the biggest revelation we’ve had in the past year though. Tablets. We’ll discuss the what’s and how’s below.

Snow Plowing Tablet

How do the tablets benefit our Minneapolis Snow Removal clients?

  • Reliable snow removal routes – Our office team can change snow removal routes on the fly. We use a program called Google Sheets as part of Google Drive. It’s super nice because everyone on a plow route can be using the same spreadsheet of routes. So when our office team rearranges a schedule or adds a property to some one’s route, all of our team knows and can adjust. You can see an example of the Sheets below.


  • Improved communication – Every client we work with has an overhead plow map. Those maps are on Google Drive so any of our plow drivers has access to that valuable information from our clients. So if there are some plants we should avoid or a certain area to not plow or plow more carefully, any of our plow drivers can do that. That ability adds to our reliability because any plow driver can plow any property correctly.


  • Organized record keeping – Especially for commercial clients, record keeping of when a plow truck came through or a parking lot was salted is incredibly important information. This isn’t very common issue, but the ability to prove when a sidewalk was salted has helped in some insurance cases. Record keeping is one of the 4 big questions to ask before hiring a snow removal contractor.


  • Faster routing and travel times – The faster our trucks can get to a property, the faster our trucks can get to all of our properties. That means we can service everyone. The tablets allow our drivers to use GPS driving directions and traffic management so they can find the fastest route every time.


Commercial Plow MapWhy did KG Landscape implement tablets?

Basically, we used a lot of paper. I (Jeremy) was hired here a little over a year ago and I couldn’t believe all the paper and disorganization that occurred during a snowfall. Someone in our office had to constantly be in communication with all 15+ of our plow drivers. One person’s route might take a lot longer (snow falls in all sorts of places differently). It sucks to be the last guy out plowing when everyone else has been done for hours. The tablets allow everyone to see where the other is at and we can help each other out. When we do that, the clients get their properties cleared faster and our drivers are feeling healthier. Also, seeing where people are at when plowing ensures that every property gets cleared every time.

The paper overload is another reason for the tablets. In the past, every driver would get their own plow route sheet that had to be filled in for every property. Paper is easy to lose or get wet or forget to fill out. Trying to tabulate the plow sheets and organize them into a coherent spreadsheet for billing and safety was darn near impossible. Also, we have made overhead plow maps for many years before we would print them out FOR EVERY SINGLE DRIVER. That’s 15 copies of every single property (we have over 100 properties last year). Then all those copies had to be put in plastic sleeves and trapper keepers. It was an INSANE amount of work. Electronically storing those maps saves us a lot of man power that can be better used creating efficient routes, reliable trucks, etc. The tablets empower our drivers and office team to work together to keep our clients happy and snow free.

Snow Removal Minneapolis Spreadsheet

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