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Trying to find a good landscaping company with quality service and reliable schedule can be a bit of a challenge at times, but in the Bloomington, MN area you don’t have to look further than KG Landscape. We are the area’s premier landscaping service, and our portfolio of services includes everything from regular maintenance and seasonal lawn care preparation to weed control to large scale construction projects. There is no residential landscaping project that is too big for our crews and skillset to handle.


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Who We Are

We are a family-focused business that puts the customer first. We’ve had years of practice and experience building top notch landscapes for our clients in the Bloomington area. Over a decade of landscaping has produced dozens upon dozens of beautiful changes to properties, making them transform from mundane residences to the gems of the neighborhood. A large portion of our staff have professional landscaping training in agriculture, and we hone that education in hard-proven experience. As a result, the combination produces the kind of work that can only be obtained through KG Landscape versus basic lawn care services otherwise available.


We put the magic in landscaping based on your desires reflected in the planning and design work. We don’t just start working roughshod with shovels or bring in a lawnmower and call that landscaping. Our work starts with a series of consultations with you, the customer, on exactly what is desired and the external property you want. This includes planning, drafting designs, reviewing the details and editing, and repeating the process until you and our team are sure we’ve included everything you want. We then begin the construction of your dream landscape. As we are aware of your budget and your financial parameters, we ensure to stay within cost of your project. This process has produced successful projects again and again as well as improved curb value of residential properties.


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Preparation is Key

We firmly believe, based on experience, that our services in the Bloomington, MN region are unmatched. Not only do we incorporate soil and turf science in our procedures, our programs and landscaping techniques are based on proven horticultural principles. We also make sure our teams are working with quality tools and equipment. Unlike fly-by-night outfits who might use substandard equipment and fudge their way through a job, we make sure your property is being worked on with the best landscaping technology possible in the industry. It makes a huge difference in results when combined with the right skill and experience.


Don’t Forget the Maintenance Side

Once the project is completed, we don’t just close shop and disappear. We help our customers maintain and support the new landscape they have on an ongoing basis. We can do very amazing work, but maintenance is what keeps that improvement looking wonderful over time, including through the changing seasons. We provide a full maintenance program that involves educating our clients on the particular needs of their property, as well as our teams providing periodic work for more serious maintenance needs.


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What About Patios and Fixtures?

Additionally, beyond the lawn and soil work, we provide clients hardscape options well. This includes decks, cement work, patios, fire pits, fountains, permanent BBQs, pathways, ponds, bench areas and more. The hardscape is often the most used and realized benefit of a new landscaping project because it allows the customer to actually enjoy the property in person. We can integrate hardscape benefits into a project seamlessly from the design phase moving forward. We can also add in such project on existing landscaping, enhancing the work already performed.


In a sentence: we love our Bloomington, MN customers! If you’re considering a big landscaping change or just need a redo of your existing yard or property, give us call for a consultation and visit. There is no obligation, and we can go through a number of options available, including alternatives you may not have immediately considered possible. Let’s transform your property into the showpiece of the neighborhood!


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