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Patios, front yard landscaping, driveways, and trellises are all beautiful ways to add detail to your home and elevate your outdoor space. Adding colors, textures, stone, brick, and other items can take your home to a new level and create a space that both your family and neighborhood will love. For those wanting quality and local professionals for their outdoor landscaping, look no further than KG Landscape in Burnsville, MN. A company dedicated to their customers, KG Landscape offer their unique services and approach to lawn care and design to Burnsville, MN area and beyond.


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Landscaping Services

Landscaping doesn’t just mean symmetrical hedges, a neat garden, and a luscious green lawn, although those are certainly important aspects. The world of landscaping has opened up to incorporate gorgeous design elements into outdoor spaces in order to create a place that families can enjoy and take pride in for years. KG Landscape goes far beyond basic curb appeal to offer services such as:


  • Patio Building: Patios provide a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, as well as a spot guests and neighbors can come and socialize. If you love spending time outdoors around a fire or barbecue, a patio is the right choice for you.


  • Driveways: More and more people are beginning to turn away from classic asphalt and use their driveway as an eye-catching design. Stones and stamped concrete are among some of the more popular options.


  • Fire Pits: Great for gathering around on cool summer nights to create memories. Fire pits can be built into patios, decks, and other permanent landscape structures. They can also be added to existing structures, or can be freestanding in some locations.


  • Lighting: Many people don’t realize that lighting is also part of landscape. You can ruin a beautiful design by just sticking a light pole randomly in your yard. KG’s designers can help you pick proper lighting for your home and help you find the perfect place for outdoor lighting to be functional while still fitting within the existing landscape design.


  • Walkways: Basic concrete just won’t cut it anymore. Stone, brick, or other items may be used to create geometrical shapes and breathtaking designs. You’re proud of your home, so why not have our team install elegant and pleasing walkways leading to and from the front door?



Other Services

Although landscaping is important, maintaining the beauty is even more so. KG Landscape also offers services like snow removal and lawn care to help keep your outdoor spaces in tip-top shape no matter what the season. From fertilizer and weed control, to weed whipping, mowing, snow shoveling, and ice removal, KG does it all. Those who are busy may not always be able to properly care for their landscaping themselves and that is where these services are most helpful.


Before and After Front Yard Landscaping St Louis Park MN


A Unique Approach to Landscaping

To us at KG Landscape, it isn’t just about a pretty design. It’s about a landscape that will work with a home and family. We provide a design team and account manager who work with each homeowner to blend style with price and help create a plan to revitalize an outdoor space. Once a design is approved and construction complete, a KG designer does a final walk through with the homeowner pointing out details and design elements that really pull together the space. They personally address specific questions and concerns and then they educate.


Part of keeping an outdoor space beautiful and functional is knowing how to care for it. The team at KG Landscape takes pride in our work and want customers to as well. This is why after the final walk through, the team will educate a homeowner on the proper care of all the elements in their new space. From cleaning a fire pit and pond to properly protecting stone walkways; KG contractors can easily answer questions and properly educate a homeowner on proper care for their new space; so that they can continue to enjoy it for years to come.


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