Case Study: Edina Landscape Renovation

Project Overview

This home in Edina is one of our most prized and longest clients. They have been working with our team since 2010. The project was completed in 3 different phases. The first phase included a very large planting in the front yard. We installed natural boulders in the plantings to give depth and a natural look and feel. We used many different kinds of plants including roses, day lilies,  evergreens, and dogwoods. It’s really interesting and kind of fun when we get to go back to this property and see how the plants have developed into a mature planting. We added lots of dripline to these plant beds to ensure that the plants are constantly watered no matter what the weather does.

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In the second phase of this Edina landscaping project, we redesigned the backyard space of the home. The most drastic addition was a paver patio at the bottom of their deck. The paver patio used Anchor Charleston stones. The border course is actually a double border course with a soldier course around the outside. Having a lighter outer border and then a darker inner border really focuses the eye on the patio space itself. We know the homeowners love the added outdoor space for entertaining their family and friends. The other very large part of this project is the large plantings around the home and on the hill down to the pond. Installing the boulders in these sections were a difficult project but we made it work. Many of the same plants in the front were also used in the back to help give a continuity around the home. The larger plants were used along the property lines to give the yard more of a private feel.

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The last phase of the project included installing steps along the side of the home to finally fully connect the front and back yard. This is actually a common progression for many of our clients. Curb appeal (front yard landscaping) is the most value for your landscaping dollar while the backyard landscaping is often the most use for your landscaping dollar. The side yard is the last item on a landscaping list but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Having a real connection from the front yard to the back yard ensures proper flow of guests and it enhances the existing landscapes. We installed a series of fond du lac natural stone steps and steel edging as well as some small plants to tie it all together. We also installed larger stepping stones in the front yard planting to create a true walkway. At the same time, we refreshed all the mulch in the plant beds.

Edina Landscaping

More Project Information

Location: Edina, MN

Time frame: Phase 1 took about two months to complete, phase 2 was completed in about three weeks, and phase 3 was completed in about 2 weeks.

Materials: We used Anchor Charleston paver stones for the patio. The steps along the side of the house are Fond Du Lac natural stone steps. We used a wide variety of plants in both the front and back yard. The amount of plants total is the highest amount we have installed at a residential home.

Notes from construction: Encompassing all three phases, this project was one of the biggest projects we have ever completed for a residential home. Installing the boulders in the backyard on the hill was an… experience. There’s a hill on the side house where the bobcat had to bring the boulder down. Then, we had to control the roll of the boulder down the hill so it stopped at the correct spot. It was very difficult. We used a very wide variety of plants in both the front and back yard. The natural stone steps were a bear to install because of how awkward they are to carry and how heavy they are. The sprinkler system was also slightly difficult to install because of the

This project was completed in July 2010, August 2012, and July 2014 by KG Landscape Management.