Case Study: St. Louis Park Patio and Sitting Wall

Project Overview

St. Louis Park Landscaping

Our owner, Kent Gliadon, actually lives right next door to this project. The homeowner contacted him to get a design for a better outdoor space for his family and his friends who visit. The main issue in the landscape they had initially was that it was really tucked in the corner and did not connect to the rest of the yard. The deck was also too small for both entertaining and cooking at the same time. The homeowner really wanted more space for entertaining. There was also an issue of privacy, when they had company over, there was no protection from others seeing in.

Patio Landscaping St. Louis Park

The problems that the homeowner had were solved with the patio design that was created. Entertaining space was expanded immensely to include an area for a table as well as a fire pit and a sitting wall. The sitting wall allows for an expandable space for guests to hang out and have a drink while the grill is going or people are eating food. The fire pit that comes out of the corner of the house gets guests to go out into the yard. We installed tall arborvitaes to create privacy for the patio. Our team also installed a custom built stoop made out of the same material as the patio for a uniform look. The stoop is a nice way to exit the home into the patio area.


More Project Information

Location: This patio and sitting wall was built in St. Louis Park, MN.

Time frame: This project took a little over a week to finish. The custom built in stoop near the sliding door and sitting wall extended the length of the project.

Materials: We used Anchor Charleston for the patio stone as well as the fire pit. The sitting wall was made out of Anchor stone as well. Kits were for the sitting wall columns and fire pit area.

Notes from construction: The construction of the sitting wall was actually a kind of fun problem solving exercise. The homeowner wanted the sitting wall to go right up to the patio which is hard to do. The patio had to be cut along the wall but also be seamless. We made this happen and it actually looks really nice.

This project was completed in June 2013 by KG Landscape Management.