Case Study: Whittier Neighborhood Urban Backyard Patio And Planting

 Project Wants/Needs

Small Backyard Patio Before After South Minneapolis UptownThe primary reason for the landscape project was to create a more inviting, usable, and modern area for the homeowners to enjoy their backyard. You can see in the before picture that they did have a deck but it was in rough shape and the backyard plantings were sparse and not near the outdoor space. During the design phase, the homeowner and Kent worked on getting a patio layout that allowed for a dining table and a seating area while also allowing pass through from the house to the garage. 

Project Work

Completing the project went fairly smoothly with very few hiccups. The skinny driveway and (relatively) small work area was a different change from the suburban front and back yards we also work in. Matching the level of the patio up to the stairs was an important aspect to this project because we kept the original stairs from the side of the home. Keeping that elevation and then dropping it to the driveway was also an important aspect of this patio and walkway. Installing brand new sod when we finished really set off the landscape and immediately made it pop and look fantastic. 


Small Backyard Patio South Minneapolis UptownOverall this was a very fun project to design and create. Working in the Whittier neighborhood and in South Minneapolis in general is always fun. The patio has enough room to allow for lots of different activities and arrangements. It also lets people flow from the garage to the house on a normal day. The plantings are arranged with a purpose but also naturally. The different textures and colors of plants play off each other and off the hard patio surface. It all really just came together. 

More Project Information

Small Backyard Planting South MinneapolisLocation: This project was completed in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis, just a little southeast of downtown.

Time Frame: This project was completed in 3 weeks.

Materials: The primary patio stone is Belgard Charleston Standard pavers and the soldier course is Bogert Cracovia small rectangles. Natural stone edging was used for plant bed edging and shredded hardwood mulch for covering. 

Notes from construction: This was our first project in the summer season of 2017. The first project out of winter is always a little tougher because the ground is still hard and plants are just starting to grow. Also, the small size of the area we were working in just makes everything a little tighter and tougher to maneuver. Our crews powered through and the project turned out great. 

This project was completed in April 2017 by KG Landscape Management.