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Sometimes, despite your best intentions, life just gets away from you, and your ever-growing to-do list continues to increase. Your lawn is on that list, but you just never have the time. Whether autumn is giving way to winter and you want your front yard and backyard protected from the chilly winters or spring and summer have arrived and you’re ready to open your patio to some entertainment, it’s time for some landscaping.


Of course, you can’t trust your weed control, landscape design, lawn care, hardscape construction, fire pit installation, and fertilization to just anybody. It can be tough and time-consuming to find a landscaping company that specializes in these services and is renowned for work done around Coon Rapids. We at KG Landscape are the solution. Offering those services and more, you can finally have a home that you feel good about every single day.


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Who We Are and What We Do

KG Landscape in Coon Rapids, MN is a premier family-owned company. We have served many customers in the Coon Rapids area for more than a decade, transforming their front yards, backyards, and other landscaping into breathtaking spaces of relaxation and enjoyment. Passionate landscapers, our management team spent time studying and obtaining degrees from the University of Minnesota.


Before any of our work even starts, we talk extensively with each of our customers to determine how much money that they can spend on the project ahead. At KG Landscape, we understand the importance of a budget but still promise that our work will be quality. Once you give us the okay, we can begin to plan out the landscaping process. Our staff members will create a rough draft of the work to be done, and then construction can start. We involve you, our trusted customer, at every step of the way.


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Coon Rapids, MN Landscaping Services

Thin, deadening, brown grass is one way to immediately kill the appeal of your front yard or backyard. At KG Landscape, our residential lawn care services will give you back that lush, soft, springy green grass that you may remember from when you first moved into the house. With a little trimming and lawn-mowing, our staff can begin the process of reinvigorating your grass.


Our team, during their time at the University of Minnesota, closely studied turf science to prescribe the perfect weed control treatments as well as fertilization. We understand what’s behind that lovely green grass that any homeowner covets, and at KG Landscape, we can help you keep your grass greener longer.


With our 100 percent satisfaction money-back guarantee, we’ll find the best type of fertilizer for you with our economy, standard, superior, or premium packages. These include applications like weed control in the spring, crabgrass control before summer, herbicide application as summer gets underway, mid-summer strengtheners with potash fertilizer and nitrogen, early fall weed control, and winterizer with micronutrients before the cold weather begins.


With such gorgeous grass springing up everywhere, you need better landscaping to show it off. At KG Landscape, we start all of our design processes by introducing you to our account manager and later our designer. You can share your ideas with us and see them realized with time. By adding walkways on a front lawn or backyard and considering stone retaining walls for a yard that never seems to end, you can get better curb appeal, which will make friends, neighbors, and family gather around like they never have before.


Our KG Landscape staff offers many more landscaping services though. If your driveway is stained, cracked, or otherwise unappealing, give it a makeover. All of our driveways are designed with a sturdy paver base, concrete sand for stability, and edging. Light up that pretty new driveway at night with our landscape lighting options for the front yard and backyard. We offer path lights that use solar power, solar lights for a more environmentally-conscious decision, and LED lights for a lower energy bill and less electricity.


Your backyard can become a haven to the outdoors or the perfect place to host a party with stunning trellises and pergolas from KG Landscape in Coon Rapids. With some lighting, outdoor furniture, and even a grill, don’t be surprised if the whole family wants to spend more and more time together. From your perch on your pergola, watch your own manmade waterfall, water fountain, bird bath, or natural pond. Of course, we thought ahead, so we can provide outdoor drainage that also prevents water-logging in the front and backyard, making for a drier and more comfortable outdoor space.


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