Landscaping Services in Cottage Grove, MN

Let’s face it: first impressions can make or break your perception of people, things, and places. Having unsightly property can not only leave you feeling down, but it can also negatively affect your curb appeal. For this reason, it’s essential to have a reliable landscaper, like
KG Landscape, for your Cottage Grove home or business to provide exceptional landscaping services you can trust. As the preferred landscaper in the area, our team excels in lawn care, hardscape construction, fertilizer and weed control, and landscape design.

Our owner, Kent Gliadon, has years of experience serving this community, so he is familiar with this local terrain’s soil composition and demands. This insight allows for tried and true landscaping techniques to offer you the best results possible.

Not only are we a family-owned business, but we also continually hire staff who studied at the University of Minnesota’s agricultural school, which gives us a wealth of knowledge and a competitive edge. This extensive experience provides premier landscaping services to every client, every time. Contact KG Landscape today to get started!

Budget-Friendly Cottage Grove Lawn Care and Landscaping 

Dramatically improving your yard doesn’t have to break the bank. Our experts can help you get the beautiful oasis you desire with some of our affordable services. We can even work with you to see what best fits your needs within your budget. 

Your ideal property is possible when you work with our team for your Cottage Grove landscaping project. See what we can make happen for you today.

Lawn Care Services in Cottage Grove

Thanks to our horticultural and turf science professionals, we are proud to offer unparalleled Cottage Grove lawn care services. Our team will apply the latest lawn mowing and fertilization techniques to ensure a beautiful lawn after every treatment. In addition to mowing your yard, we will offer additional maintenance and fertilization recommendations. With this extra care, your grass will stay greener longer into the fall.

Why stop there? Our lawn care experts can help any Cottage Grove property owner grow a beautifully manicured lawn for years to come. We’ll even set you up for success by teaching effective growing and maintenance techniques. 

Not only do we cultivate healthy lawns, but KG Landscape also offers hardscape construction services to Cottage Grove homeowners. We will help you add additional resale value to your home with a stunning new pergola, patio, fire pit, or retaining wall. Whether you need fertilization, weed control, lawn mowing services, or a new hardscape construction design, please consult with our team today to see how we can help.

Landscaping Services in Cottage Grove

KG Landscape is pleased to provide a comprehensive line of premier landscaping services in Cottage Grove, MN. Each project will begin with a one-on-one meeting with our landscape management team, which will allow us to understand your goals better so that we can craft a personalized lawn and landscape plan for your property. Discover the many services we offer:

Patios and fire pits: Add a patio and fire pit to extend your living space outdoors. We can help you create the perfect design to meet your needs.
Irrigation work: Irrigation is essential for a healthy and luscious yard. Our skilled team will irrigate your lawn to make sure it stays healthy all year long.
Curb appeal: Make a stunning first impression with a dynamic design from KG Landscape. We offer enticing front yard landscaping packages to boost your Cottage Grove property’s curb appeal.
Walkways: Since walkways are essential, it’s important to make repairs, add proper lighting, and efficiently maintain them for safety.
Stone retaining walls: Give yourself some natural separation in your yard by adding a stone retaining wall. They are perfect for patios, against hillsides, and gardens. 
Driveway designs: Cleanup your driveway design by incorporating stone features, edging, and other creative design elements.
Landscape lighting: Add an elevated look to your home by incorporating lighting design for much-needed illumination.
Water features: Water features can add a tranquil and calming atmosphere to your yard. Our team can help you choose the perfect fountain or pond.
Pergolas and trellises: Do you want more shade in your yard or designated seating area? KG Landscape can install a gorgeous new trellis or pergola to help improve your space.

Get Started Today With KG Landscape!

KG Landscape is proud to offer top-tier landscape services in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. We continually work to put our client’s needs first to ensure we create their ideal landscaping design. With our years of experience serving the Cottage Grove community, we have an intimate knowledge of lawn care and design that we gladly share with every client to help keep your yard lush and green longer into the fall.

When you’re ready to get started on your next Cottage Grove landscaping project, turn to the team of experts at KG Landscape to help! Contact us today!