Crystal MN

There is no question that trying to find a reliable and consistent quality landscaping contractor takes far more than just flipping through the yellow pages of the phone book and taking the first business name that comes along. While plenty of outfits exists who will take the business, not near as many will deliver a high level of quality service in return.


A Local Solution is Available

Fortunately, if you’re finding yourself looking high and low for a good landscaping company in Crystal, MN, look no further. KG Landscape is the top provider of landscaping and lawn care in your area, and for good reason. The KG staff are specialized and experts in planning and design work, maintenance, ongoing lawn and care support, and even outside hardscape work like cement and decks, they have become the premier go-to landscaper in Crystal.


KG Landscape has been around for more than a decade because our core values resemble those of our customers. KG is a family-owned business who hasn’t forgotten those basic principles of good ol’ fashioned hard work and service with a smile. With years of work and experience in Crystal, MN, KG Landscape works with residential homes and commercial properties alike.


Patios June 2015


Trained Staff Makes a Difference

The work that KG Landscape provides has been described as breath-taking. While their staff don’t come equipped with any magic wands, they have skill, knowledge and equipment that can turn a mundane backyard into the neighborhood showcase of premium landscaping. The design process starts with a large amount of direct communication with the customer going over the design and planning details. Next, we continue through drafts until the customer is completely satisfied with the proposed results. When the paperwork process is complete, the transformation of your property begins.


KG Landscape’s work won’t just amaze customers in making their dream landscape, the services will also significantly boost the customer’s property curb appeal and value as well. It’s quite possible to compare KG’s work with other vendors. However, it’s also very likely that people are going to find very few if any can even match the level of performance and quality of a KG Landscape project.


That’s because the professional training of KG Landscape staff is based in:

  • Land management science
  • Horticulture
  • Landscape management training that includes the best methods available.


Further, the company also puts its time and assets into ensuring staff are using the best technology available. The results become obvious when compared to sub-par equipment results. This effort is intentional to keep KG ahead of the curve at all times for the best landscaping in all of Crystal. As part of our process, our staff also make sure the customer is educated on keeping their yard beautiful..


Andover Landscaping Before After


Maintenance Adds Longevity to Landscaping

When your project is finished, and a beautiful yard is available and ready to enjoy, the KG staff will also take the time to train and educate the customer on how to follow the right regimens that will maintain your yard at the right level. This includes how to mow and cut, fertilize, and control weeds. The effort will be seen in a healthy backyard that grows even healthier in the years to come.


We treat our customers in Crystal, MN, as part of the KG family, so if you’re noticing that it’s time to renovate your yard, give us a call at 763-568-7251. We’ll be glad to provide a free at-home consultation. There’s no obligation for an initial discussion, and we can easily provide the latest KG Landscape options and alternatives for your specific situation. Make your yard or property the gem of your neighborhood with KG Landscape. We’re in it together with you.