Curb Appeal 101: A Great Front Yard Landscape Design

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Curb Appeal 101: A Great Front Yard Landscape Design

My name is Kent Gliadon and I’m the Owner and Landscape Design Lead at KG Landscape Management in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have been getting calls from and meeting with homeowners for over 10 years now who want to improve the curb appeal of their home. This article is for the thousands of people out there that don’t like the way they’re landscaping looks in the front of their house and want to understand how to go about changing that.

Kent Gliadon, CEO of KG Landscape, Expert Landscaper in Minneapolis

Most people can appreciate great landscaping when they see it, but how does one go from “I hate my landscaping” to friends and neighbors commenting on how charming and beautiful your front yard looks? What is nice landscaping? Well, I’m here to help you find the answers.

In general, nice front yard landscaping is created with visually appealing and thoughtfully arranged plantings that connect your home to the land around it. It is the placement of plantings (including trees) with interesting textures, blooming flowers, appropriate sizes, and the way these plantings flow together to create a sense of place for your home that creates the charm most people are looking for.

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Surprisingly to most homeowners, what materials you use for your edging or whether you have a retaining wall for every slope on your property matters very little in terms of the overall beauty of your landscaping. It has always been and will always be the plants that matter most. The foundation planting around your home should have layers of plants, not just one row.

For example, use smaller perennials in the front of the planting bed, then medium plants in the center and taller shrubs in back. If you’re short on space, even just two layers are far better than one. The idea is for the eye to work its way from the bottom of the lawn up through the layers of plantings, and finally to the house itself. Also, keep those pesky weeds at bay so they don’t ruin your landscape design!

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Creating this path for the eye to follow is key factor in creating a sense of place; you want the house to look like it really belongs there, as if your home was carefully built into your great landscaping and not the other way around.

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