Fall Clean Ups for Commercial Properties

Fall is probably my favorite season and it is for a lot of people. The cool weather, sweaters, pumpkin spice, bright colors, Halloween, and many other things make people look forward to autumn. You’ve probably seen those pictures on Facebook or Instagram celebrating fall. It’s just a wonderful time of year. The beautiful leaves, changing plants, and cooler temperatures does have a down side though. They are tough to clean up. We’ll discuss the items that need to be included in a fall clean up whether you do it yourself or have a professional company do it for you.

Collect the leaves

Leaves on grass during the winter can be extremely harmful. They can lead to grass diseases and other turf problems. The leaves can form a layer above the dirt (often called thatch). This layer can prevent water from reaching the roots of the grass to keep it healthy. It can also let water collect and decay the grass that is currently showing. If you visit that link above, you can see what those grass diseases look like.

So collecting the leaves is obviously important. The prototypical way to do that is with a rake and some elbow grease. Like, literally some elbow grease because it really hurts your elbow. For large commercial properties like apartments and complexes, that’s just not feasible though. The correct way to do it is to use backpack blowers and trained professionals. They will use the wind power of the blowers in concert to collect the leaves into large piles. Then rakes and wheelbarrows are used to collect the leaves. Ideally, the a large vacuum sucker can be used to collect the leaf piles.


Mulch up leaves that you can’t collect

For those pesky leaves that cannot be raked up or blown out and those stupid leaves that fall down after you’ve already done the hard work, you can mulch them and bag them. On our commercial sized mowers here at KG Landscape, we change out our normal mowing blades for mulch blades. These mulch blades help cut up the grass clippings and leaves into smaller pieces. The mulch blades are also designed to create an air vortex underneath the mower to really suck up all of the stuff and cut it up. You should definitely bag the material that you’re cutting up to remove it from your yard. There are mulching blades available for all mowers including push and riding mowers. You can read more about getting your lawn winterized at our blog post from last year.

Minneapolis Fall Clean Up

Cut back perennials

Getting a hair cut is kind of an essential thing to keeping yourself look professional and “good”. It’s the same for your perennials. They need a hair cut every fall so they can grow back lush and green in the spring and summer next year. If the dead material is left there, the plant might not grow back as healthy or beautiful. There are maaaaaany different kinds of perennials but a short list includes daylilies, hostas, astilbes, ligularia, and ornamental grasses. It’s really easy to chop down a couple of these perennials but for commercial properties there are can be an overwhelming number of them. So let a professional company that you can trust, do the work for you.

Fall Clean-Ups in the Minneapolis Area

Fall clean-ups don’t have to be a chore. Enjoy the fall weather, pumpkin carving, and beautiful colors and leave the work to companies that know all about seasonal changes and how to keep your property looking gorgeous. Give us a call at 763-568-7251 or visit our free quote page and let us know that you need our help!