The Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Another Bad Winter for Minnesota

The surprising thing about climate change is that not everywhere in the world gets warmer. In fact, some parts of the world become significantly colder, especially in winter. This is the surprising trend causing the severity of winters to increase in Minnesota, and you to have to remove snow more often.

According to a report on Minnesota Public Radio called “Coldest Winter in 30 Years,” last year’s winter was terrible. The Star Tribune reported information from the National Weather Service showing that fifty days of below-zero weather hit Minnesota by March 1, 2014. This North American cold wave came from two severe storms, one in early December and one in the first part of 2014. It is estimated than over two hundred million people’s lives were disrupted with the closure of businesses and schools, impassable roads, and air flight cancellations.

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Why Midwest Winters Are Getting Colder

The reason the winters are getting colder is due to the effects on the polar jet stream. Previously, a fast-moving polar jet stream created a strong polar vortex, which held the swirling cold air trapped at the north pole. Because of climate change, the Arctic ice is getting warmer at a rate faster than the rest of the Earth. This is the reason the ice sheets are melting faster than ever before. As the Arctic ice melts, the air around the north pole becomes slightly warmer, which slows the spinning rate of the polar vortex and reduces its strength. Under more stable conditions, warm air coming from the United States pushes against this colder air coming down from the north. Now, there is less strength in the polar jet stream to hold the cold air at the Arctic. More of this cold air heads south, overwhelming the ability of the warmer air to stop its progress down toward the United States.

USA Today reports this trend will continue. Since 2000, more and more cold air has come south, escaping the polar vortex. Each year the cold air from thepolar vortex has dipped lower into the continental United States, hitting Minnesota especially hard. The Farmer’s Almanac for 2015 predicts an even colder winter than last year. For Minneapolis, winter temperatures will be below normal. The prediction for the first severe winter snowstorm is for the end of November. It is going to get very cold in late December and snow will continue until the end of February 2015.

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Now that summer has ended and fall is upon us, it is time to get prepared for another severe winter season. Make plans for a residential snow removal service in Minneapolis to help your family with the upcoming winter. It is always a good idea to have this help in place BEFORE a major storm hits. It is more difficult to get proper assistance when an emergency occurs because the snow removal companies face work overloads during those moments and concentrate on taking care of their existing customers. It pays to plan ahead.

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