Fiery Fall Plants for Minneapolis

There are about a million factors that need to be considered when designing a plant bed for a commercial property or home in Minneapolis. A designer or homeowner must consider a plants tolerance for extreme weather, sun/shade of the area, the full size of the plants, different textures, but, most importantly, the timing and colors of the blooms.

Spring is the quintessential season for flowers blooming and everything growing back from the cold winter. Summer makes me think of deep green grass, shrubs, and trees. Fall is often a forgotten part of the home garden so we wanted to detail some plants that are perfect for fall in Minneapolis. If you need help picking plants for your home or business, give us a call at 763-568-7251 or submit a free quote request.

Beautiful Fall Colored Perennials

karl forester fall color

Grasses – Karl Forester grass (pictured above) is a tall and skinny plant that grows beautiful golden seeds at the top of the stalks. The green and yellow remind you of corn and other quintessential fall activities. There are many other kinds of grasses that give the same look but with different colors so feel free to experiment!

autumn joy sedum in fall

Sedum – These plants are extremely hardy so they’re great for a Minneapolis garden. They also bloom into beautiful pinkish red flowers in the late summer and early fall. The softer, pillowly texture adds interest to any garden! The variety pictured above is the ‘Autumn Joy’.

Geranium Fall Foliage Color

Geranium – The deep, rust red of these leaves evoke autumn and fall like few other things can. The leaves are also just really cool, interesting shapes. Normally, this is thought of as an annual plant only but there are perennial varieties of geranium that can withstand the cold of a Minnesota winter.

Brilliant Fall Colored Shurbs

Summer Wine Ninebark Fall Foliage

Ninebark – As you can see in the photo, Ninebark is a great shrub for the fall. It’s leaves turn a deep, gorgeous burgundy color in the cool fall air. ‘Summer Wine’ is the variety pictured above and it’s mix of dark red and bright red leaves would look beautiful in any garden!


Fothergilla – Going to try and mix up all the red colors with more a yellow/orange. Fothergilla are great shrubs for the back of a planting near a house or along a fence line. Their leaves are very flat and matte so the colors are much more vibrant. The ‘Mount Airy’ variety is pictured above.


Forsythia – Here’s another mix up from the reds that you so often see in the fall. Forsythia ‘Show Off’ has a brilliant yellow and red mix of leaves when the cold weather starts coming around. Like other shrubs, this is awesome for dividing up a space or hiding yard features like a shed or the side of a house.

Bright Fall Colored Trees


Any Maple – These are the stars of the fall color showcase. We saved them for near the end for that reason. Nothing beats the combination of red, orange, and yellow that a maple produces. We love ‘Autumn Blaze’ for it’s resistance to drought while still having the red fall leaves that everyone loves.


Oak – Oak trees are gorgeous in the fall with they red to orange to purple coloring. Oaks are also very tolerant trees that can often grow in almost any soil so they’re great for homeowners and businesses that want a hands-off approach.


Any Elm – The elm tree is well known for it’s mustard yellow leaves. The contrast of the yellow leaves with a tree like a maple or oak  can be particularly striking. We like the ‘Princeton’ and ‘Cathedral’ varieties in particular but they are all beautiful.