Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Minneapolis

Front yard landscaping is a critical aspect to any home. It is the space that everyone sees when driving by your home. It is the first impression on your guests like family and friends who come to visit. It is the main picture on a listing if you ever decide to sell your home. But most importantly, it is the view that welcomes you home from wherever your journeys take you. You want that front yard space to be welcoming, interesting, and make your house into a home.

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Knowing that you need new curb appeal and actually coming up with ideas to execute that plan, are two very different things. We list out some general ideas for curb appeal at a different page but I want to give you some specific examples of curb appeal ideas here. I tried to pick a wide range of ideas from small additions that are easy to accomplish in an afternoon, to big projects that would take a professional landscape company a few days to complete.

1. Paint Your Front Door a Vibrant Color

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People enter your home through the front door. That’s not a ground breaking statement, I know, but it is often overlooked by homeowners. Painting your front door a lively color like a deep red or bright yellow can really accentuate this critical part of your home. A colorful door also makes your home feel more whimsical and welcoming. Be careful selecting a color that coordinates though.

2. Install A Variety of Textures

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When you hear “textures” you often think of clothing or food. However, that word is perfect to describe landscaping as well. Hardscapes like boulders, paver patios, and edging often have rough textures that need to be balanced out with the soft textures of green plant leaves and big blooming flowers. Having a mix of soft, clumped flowers and hard, earthy boulders adds interest and excitement to a stagnant front yard. The different textures move your eyes around the whole yard and up to the home.

3. Entertaining And Relaxing In The Front Yard

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Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and watch the world go by. Having a very small paver patio in the front yard allows you the space to hang out and greet guests as they arrive. Back yard entertaining is better for more privacy and for larger groups but the front yard is a perfectly great space for just two people to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Lots of neighborhoods in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas have gorgeous boulevards and streets to savor.

4. Keep Your Lawn Happy and Healthy

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Green grass is beautiful. I can’t describe why it is. I can’t articulate why green grass really matters. But it definitely matters. A lush, deep green lawn is the ideal for almost any home. There are two things you can do to ensure green grass. One thing you can do is install a sprinkler system that will guarantee water and deep roots for your grass. You can also apply fertilizer and weed killer to your grass to keep it happy and healthy. Your lawn is a living thing just like a pet, it’s important to give it water and food!

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Front Yard Landscaping Experts in Minneapolis

If you’d like to get some help coming up with more ideas for your front yard landscaping, give KG Landscape a call at 763-568-7251. We’ve designed and installed a wide variety of ideas to keep the front of your house welcoming and exciting. Visit our Gallery and then click on “curb appeal” to see more of our work on front yards.