Gifs! Landscape Projects Through Time

Gifs are really cool. For those that don’t know, a gif is a picture file that moves. So instead of creating a movie file and embedding it, you can post a gif easily on social media and on blog posts like this!

I stumbled upon gifs as a way to share a lot of pictures at once. When our landscape crews are out on job sites, they take a ton of pictures. They do this because they’re proud of their work. Our landscape crews work really hard to provide beautiful, engaging outdoor spaces for our clients and truly care about how the landscapes look when they leave the job site for the last time. Honestly, some of the people who have been around for a while talk about past projects like they are their children.

So I took a bunch of pictures from different projects we have done and then combined them into a gif that rifles through the progression. Many of the projects are really incredible.

South Minneapolis Patio and Cedar Fence

Novak Gif

Fridley Restaurant Patio


South Minneapolis Brick Patio and Walkway

Minneapolis Landscaping