Looking for a dependable landscaping company in Hopkins, MN? For quality landscaping at an affordable price done by someone local, you are in the right place. KG Landscape is a the dependable landscaper in Hopkins, dedicated to bringing the luxury landscape to customers. We value our clients and wish to bring them only quality, professional work. Their goal is to have you loving the outside of your home. From patios and walkways, to general curb appeal and driveways – KG Landscape does it all!


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The Process

The first step in any landscaping project is to first view the area and come up with a conceptual design. This is where KG Landscape differs from competitors. They go above and beyond to really look at every detail of your home’s exterior and put it together with your unique style to create beautiful landscaping.


When you first hire one of our contractors, we will:

  • Set up a meeting with our designers and account managers
  • View your home and begin to assess all details
  • Draw and allow you to review a conceptual design plan
  • Take your changes and create a final design plan


Only after these four steps are complete will scheduling and construction begin. After your initial meeting 50% of the cost will need to be paid, but don’t worry! It is refundable at any point if you are not satisfied. After construction is complete you will be taken for a final walk through where you will see the finished project for the first time. This is also where you will be able to make sure that you absolutely love everything! This is also when the designer will discuss with you how to care for your new landscaping so that the outdoor space will continue to be beautiful for months and years to come.


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Curb Appeal

One thing that homeowners often want to spice up is their front yard landscaping. They want everything to look pristine and beautiful so that there is an appeal to their home. Curb appeal is art and science, placement of items along with their colors and textures help draw the eye to all the right places. Curb appeal is important for several reasons:


  • It adds value to your home
  • Stops your home from being an eyesore
  • Creates a nice spot for you and your family
  • Makes your home approachable
  • Makes your home more welcoming for guests


Landscaping in Hopkins, MN is your ticket to improving your home’s aesthetic. Your home is built around landscaping and it is the focal point of the front of your home. It is the first thing that people see when they come to your door and messy landscaping can make guests uncomfortable and can make your home the gossip of the neighborhood for all the wrong reasons. By investing in a quality landscaping service you can make your home eye catching and gorgeous and will make your home the talk of the neighborhood; this time in a good way.


Hopkins Lawn Care

Our residential and commercial lawn care services in Hopkins are unmatched. While most of our staff has been with us for years, each one of our new employees goes through a rigorous background check to ensure they are KG Landscape material. Our employees are passionate about providing the best lawn care to you and your family. They’re the type that will give you stunningly crisp lines in your grass, clean up any messes after the job is done – and even put your newspaper on your doorstep. Our landscape team knows what quality lawn care means and delivers upon the reputable KG Landscape reputation we’re known for.


Other Services

Landscaping is much more than shrubbery, grass, or gardens. Landscaping includes items like driveways, walkways, water structures, and patios. Any outdoor space can be spiced up by a variety of items such as:

  • Patios
  • Fire Pits
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pergolas
  • Trellises
  • Bird Bath
  • Water Falls
  • Driveways


All of these and more are services that KG Landscape offer. From stone to brick, light and dark colors, and a variety of textures can all elevate your outdoor space to a new level.

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Why Choose KG Landscape?

KG Landscape takes pride in the value and quality that they provide to their customers. Founded in 2003 KG, the company has been dedicated to providing high quality services through a progressive approach to lawn care and outdoor design. It is KG’s passion to  provide professional landscaping along with education about lawn care and design to their customers; helping them to learn why it all works together and how design elements can come together to create the place they have always dreamed of.


Looking for quality and professional landscaping? Want contractors and designers that will help you understand every element in your new outdoor space? If so, contact KG Landscape today for a free quote and the first idea of what your new space might look like.


Other services that KG Landscape offers in Hopkins, MN