How to Create a Dog Friendly Yard

Creating an outdoor space that can be comfortable for you and your furry friend is extremely important. We’ll talk below about some dog friendly tips for your yard. Just a warning: some are a little more extravagant and some are DIY.

Dogs are men and women’s best friends. You love taking them out on a sunny day and playing with them. You love having them lay on you and cuddle. You just love them!

Our owner, Kent Gliadon, has a dog named Lenny. He comes to the office every day and everyone enjoys his company. We understand dogs and how much people love them. We are actually a part of the Minneapolis “I Love My Pet”. Simply get a card and show it to us for $20 off your first $100 or more purchase!

Tip #1 – Mix of Shade and Sun Dog Friendly Landscaping

Dogs are actually a lot more like humans than you think. Sometimes they want to sunbathe and sometimes they want to hang out in the shade. To facilitate sunbathing, how about building a patio area that can generate heat? A paver patio would be perfect for a dog to lounge on. A deck is also the ideal place for a dog to hang out. It’s important to remember that dogs can overheat quickly so be sure to have some shady spots on your yard as well. Having some big trees with lots of shade are great. You can also think about building a wooden structure like a pergola or arbor. A wooden structure like a pergola serves the purpose of helping your furry friend but it also makes your yard much more beautiful and useful for you!

Tip #2 – Soft Plants and Long PathsDog Friendly Lawn Care

When designing a plant bed or more elaborate landscape plan, you’ll definitely want to take your dog into account. Make sure you use soft foliage along any pathways. As with most of the advice in this article, this is best for you and for your dog. Soft foliage won’t hurt when you’re wearing shorts or when your dogs goes running by the plants. Speaking of running, dogs LOVE to run. The tend to run in the same spots and that can kill grass. Build a pathway right where they like to run. This will protect your grass, add value to your home, and make your dog happy. Another tip, use cedar or another natural wood mulch. It won’t stick to their fur as easily and it’s nicer on their paws.

Tip #3 – Fencing Dog Friendly Landscape Services

To keep your dog in the yard, you’ll want to build a fence. For some dogs, to prevent tunneling, you’ll want to put re-bar or concrete underneath the fence. After doing a landscape project, you can put up some small temporary fencing to keep your furry friend out of the new areas and protect your plants or grass. If you need to continue to protect the plant area, think about putting up some rocks to keep a barrier.

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