Introduction to Sustainable Landscape Design

Introduction to Sustainable Landscape Design

08 Sep Introduction to Sustainable Landscape Design

The term “sustainable landscape design” may sound off-putting to someone who is not the most eco-conscious. But the concept is really quite simple.  Sustainable landscape design simply refers to landscape design that is visually pleasing, environmentally friendly and cost effective. By implementing the proper planning you can make your property more self-sustaining, less draining on the community, reduce the environmental impact in your region and eliminate most of the artificial fertilizers and plant foods you would normally need to sustain your greenery.

The application of cheaper, greener landscape design can be as simple as planting a tree near enough to your building to reduce cooling costs, or designing an area dedicated to composting. It can also be applied by using only local flora and fauna, to reduce the amount of fertilization and watering your landscape design will require. For commercial properties, including a rooftop garden can reduce energy costs for your building, as well as create a quiet, beautiful area for your tenants to regain focus.

Following the fundamental principles of sustainable landscape design and architecture will lead to lower operating costs, better aesthetic feel for your employees, minimal damage to the surrounding habitat, reducing your strain on local utilities and improvements to the quality of the air and water, as well as the acoustic and thermal environment. The important thing is that you are not just implementing landscape design that will save you money in the short term. You are also implementing a landscape design that will ensure that subsequent generations have the resources they need to meet their own needs.

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