Achieve Beautiful Landscape Design in St. Paul

Your lawn’s appearance is important. It can impact your home’s value. In addition, a beautifully designed and well-kept landscape is a very appealing sight to passersby and it will make homeowners take pride in their property as well. At KG Landscape, we offer a full array of landscape design and lawn care services. We are known in St. Paul as a landscaping company that does it all and does it well.


Front Yard Landscaping

Whether you’re planning on selling your home, or keeping it to pass down to posterity, beautiful front yard landscaping always makes a great first impression. All people can appreciate the appearance of cleanliness, simplicity, and an ideal utilization of space. Professional landscapers can design features that make your yard look smaller or larger. Trees can be arranged to provide beauty and additional shade. Walkways can be designed to lend a feel of classic beauty. Flowers and shrubs can make your yard a showpiece that bursts with color and texture.


Landscape Design

AT KG Landscape, we offer a full range of landscape design services that include patios and fire pits, irrigation design, walkways, retaining walls, driveways, landscape lighting, pergolas and trellises, water features, outdoor draining, and more. There are a number of excellent reasons to hire our company. We can assist you with idea generation, site analysis, conceptualization, construction planning, and project management. We have an educated approach to landscaping in St. Paul that is as artistic as it is scientific.


Our crews are highly trained and professional. When they arrive at your property, the purpose is to get the job done to high quality standard. With years of combined experience and commitment to serving customers, you can count on our team to provide you with professional results, every time.


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