Landscape Edging Options

Separating the landscaped areas of your yard from the grass areas is an important step in the landscape process. There are many different ways to accomplish this task. The type of edging that you can have in your yard just depends on the feeling or mood you want to convey.

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Modern and Clean Edges

The best way to accomplish this look is by using steel edging. Steel edging is buried in the ground with just the top showing so it gives the landscape areas a very clean look. The minimalist and clean lines between grass and mulch lead to a more modern look. Steel edging is in the mid tier of edging prices. That’s due to the extra labor digging out the installing it. Also, the metal edging is a little unwieldy so getting nice curved lines or steep grades is difficult to accomplish, without some experience.

Natural Stone Edging Minneapolis

Elegant and Refined Edges

My personal favorite type of edging, natural stone edging gives your home and landscape an elegant feel. The natural stone feels built into the landscape which adds character to the landscaped edges. The edging becomes one of the stars of the landscaping show, as opposed to a side player. If you have hardscapes (a patio, retaining wall, etc.) or your home has any kind of stone in it, the color of the stone edging can be picked to match. This creates a harmonious connection between your home and your yard. The drawbacks are that it takes a little longer to install because of the wide trench and getting all the blocks to be level.

Plastic Edging Minneapolis MN

Standard and Affordable Edges

Plastic edging isn’t sexy. No one looks at poly edging and marvels at how good it looks. However, that doesn’t mean it has no place in a landscape. If you’re working on a budget and you want to allocate more funds to a spectacular patio or a beautiful, exotic planting area, maybe saving a little money on the edging is a good idea! Plastic edging is much more affordable compared to other options. Also, it works and millions of homes have it. Plastic edging is easy to do curved lines and grade changes along the edge. It’s flexible (literally and figuratively).

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Other Landscape Edging Options

Bullet stone edging was a popular choice a few years ago. It’s a more affordable way to get stone edging. There’s also natural cut edging. You can use a machine called a bed re-definer to cut a trench. That trench holds the mulch or rock in. Aluminum edging is yet another option. Aluminum edging is similar to steel edging but gives a slightly different look and is harder to bend around corners.