Lawn Care All Year Long

Except for those who happen to have allergies (poor things), most people love the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer time. It brings back memories of playing baseball or football and tossing the ball for the dog in the yard. There is something All-American about a beautifully maintained lawn in front of a charming family home. Backyard barbecues are perfect on grass. Ask any child who loves to take off their shoes and run around barefoot. Healthy green grass is a natural living carpet.

The same goes for well-manicured lawns for commercial properties. Buildings look great with proper lawn care and attractive landscape.lawn-mowing-minneapolis-mn

Even though we love the look and smell of cut grass, for most people it is a bother to have to take care of it. This is where the professionals of KG Landscape come in. They enjoy working to maintain a high quality standard of lawn care and landscaping.

Each season has these different requirements for landscaping and lawn care:


Spring is the time when lawns need to be re-vitalized. Re-seeding bald patches or replacement of damaged areas with new sod is appropriate. With just a little bit of proper maintenance a lawn comes back to life each year. Flower planting is essential to surround a stunning green lawn with a burst of colorful blooms. Spring is also a great time to launch landscaping and lawn care upgrade projects. KG Landscape offers installation and repair of driveways, walkways, patios, retaining walls, outdoor barbeques or fire pits and water features such as fish ponds, fountains, and waterfalls.


Lawns love the summer sun as much as kids love to play on them. This is the time for the most enjoyment of a beautiful lawn and when weed removal becomes a high priority. Lawns need regular weekly mowing and trimming to stay in top condition and not look overgrown or neglected. The KG Landscape team offers weekly landscape programs for both residential and commercial properties.

WINTERIZATION OF LAWNS IN FALLRaking Leaves Fall Clean Up Minneapolis

In areas subject to heavy snowfall, as we have in Minnesota, lawns need to be prepared with winterization to put them to sleep properly until springtime. In fall, before the first heavy snowfall, it is the time to aerate lawns by punching small holes with an aerator tool.

This is a good time to fertilize your lawn as well, so that when the spring thaws come, the grass bursts out again in the most robust way possible. It is also good to add a protective covering of silt so that after the winter passes there are fewer brown spots with frost damage to deal with, saving you lawn maintenance headaches when spring rolls around.

Fall is a perfect time to plant new trees so they are accustomed to the soil in advance of significant spring growth. KG Landscape helps its clients prepare lawns for a nice cozy winter’s sleep.


During the coldest months, we shift from lawn care and landscape maintenance to snow and ice removal. Let’s face it, winter storms are a certainty, so it is best to be prepared. KG Landscape has programs on a fixed monthly fee or a pay-per-service plan for snow and ice removal.