Living Walls

Living Walls

This is the first post in a series  called “2015 Landscaping Trends”. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks to see more of the cutting edge of landscape design and construction!

Living walls go by a lot of different names like vertical gardens and green walls. They’re a vertical grid construction usually filled with soil or synthetic material. Specific plants are placed to create an artistic, stunning focal point for indoors or outdoors.
Patrick Blanc created the living wall over 30 years in Paris. The popularity of living walls has skyrocketed in recent years. The push for sustainable living to protect our planet and a more eco-conscious populous has created much more demand for these beautiful, functional constructions. They serve multiple purposes for both residential and commercial properties. They’re all pretty simple to construct and maintain.

Living walls are an interesting mix of science and art. The composite material and automated irrigation used in many living walls has a basis in scientific knowledge. The composition of the plants and the arrangement requires an artistic eye. The wide variety of living walls in this post alone showcases the amazing beauty of these constructions.

Urban areas such as apartments or industrial areas often have very little or do not have any green space due to the small footprint that they have to fit in. Green walls are an excellent way to provide the striking visual statement on the inside or outside of any building. Plants can bring forth smells, textures, and colors that no other interior or exterior art or architecture can.


Living walls come in all different price ranges and construction materials.

  • Plastic Housing
  • Fabric Grid
  • Wood Construction
  • Drop down watering
  • Irrigation tube watering

There are many benefits to a living wall indoors or out.

Large Living Wall in Commercial AreaAcoustics and Sound Reduction

  • Plants have long been used along highways and other roads to reduce traffic noise. Living walls expand this idea. Plants naturally block high frequency sounds. The mounting systems can be used to decrease the lower frequencies as well.

Air Purification

  • We were all taught in elementary school that plants can process carbon dioxide and reuse it to make oxygen. Placing plants in even more locations, especially in more urban environments or indoors, creates cleaner air. Living walls have the advantage or not taking up any footprint in your house or office and still providing the benefits.

Dramatic Focal Point

  • Not only are living walls beautiful immediately after installing, they continue to change and grow as they age. The colors and designs that can be implemented are limitless. There are actually companies who have living wall designs of their company logo.

Building Protection

  • Plants are built by nature to survive the sun, rain, wind and any other elements that are thrown their way. Installing them on the sides of your building allow the plants to be the first line of defense for your house, garden structure, or building.

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