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Many Maple Grove property owners have discovered the significant benefits which having a well designed and developed landscaping can confer on your property. In many cases, the first impression of a visitor or a neighbor is derived from the landscape design of their home.


Benefits of Landscaping your Property in Maple Grove, MN

  • The beautiful designed landscape of your property adds great value to the price of your property.
  • According to property valuations, an investment in landscaping can increase the value of your home by a whopping 20% if such development is done well.
  • In the joint study conducted by Clemson University and the University of Maryland it was shown that, a potential homebuyer will pay up to 11% more of the asking price for a property with thoughtful and well designed landscaping work.
  • Homes with great landscaping design will sell with 4-5% over similar homes with no landscaping design.
  • In a MONEY Magazine published story, it was shown that not all developments to your home can increase the value of your property, but Landscaping nevertheless has the tendency to facilitate a recovery value of 100-200% of your investment if the Landscape development and design is well put together in a way to harmonize such design with the nearby foliage.


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Need for Landscaping your Property: Landscaping Maple Grove, MN

These points underscore the need of a great Landscaping design work for your home. In Maple Grove the community is blessed with the presence of the best landscaper in Minnesota.  KG Landscape does an functional and beautiful landscaping and yard care in all phases of landscaping work, from from conceptual design to full implementation. KG Landscape has been in business for more than a decade, and over the years, they have become one of the most trusted landscaper in Maple Grove. They assist clients in both residential and commercial landscaping work from design to actual implementation. Their services includes but not limited to the following:


Design ProcessFree meeting organized between you and KG Landscape designers and or an account manager to discuss your design needs.


Patios and Fire Pits – Design and build an Incredible Patio and Fire Pit in line with the needs of your property and loved ones. Your Patio could evolve as a comfortable gathering point for your family.


Irrigation Design – Design and build an irrigation system for your property to enable your grass to retain its lush green characteristics all year round. Your irrigation system will defy the laws of nature and sustain the beauty of your property to the admiration of your neighbors and visitors alike.


Great Curb Appeal – Your property makes a first impression with its curb appearance. Such impression stays longer on the minds of your visitors with regard to the beauty projected through your curb appeal.


Walkways – Will design and construct incredibly made walkways to harness accessibility in your compound from one point to the other without distorting the natural tranquility of your property.


Retaining Walls A well designed stone wall in front or behind your backyard elevates the size and magnitude of your yard in the eyes and minds of people.


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Driveways – A beautifully-built driveway adds you to the class to which you belong, an improvement like this will strengthen your overall curb appeal


Landscape LightingGreat landscape lighting will define your landscape at night.  Your outdoor lighting, can add a measure of security and safety to your property at night, as well as entertainment opportunities.


Water Features – Helps project a tranquil and calm effect to your property. Special waterfalls can provide a relaxing and soothing feeling to your family and visitors.


Pergolas and Trellises – Transform your backyard into a warm and inviting space for extra relaxation with an exotic pergola.


At KG Landscape in Maple Grove, MN, we take our work and obligations to our clients very seriously. Our employees fully-understand the high level of expectations both from the KG Landscape Management as well as from our trusted customers. Such understanding has placed our company in a leadership role within the Landscaping arena throughout the communities we serve.  Contact us today at:


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