Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial Landscape and Lawn Care Services in the Twin Cities

At KG Landscape Management we use our horticultural and design knowledge to manage the overall health and beauty of your property’s landscape. You’ll be amazed how different your property will look when all of the little things are done correctly. Let our team ensure your irrigation system is timed efficiently, your plants are growing nicely, and your planting beds are kept weed free. Let us show you our commitment to your property by doing weekly lawn care like mowing, string trimming, weed spraying no matter what the weather. Let us prune, trim, and cut back your plants the right way to increase flowering and rejuvenate plant health. Let us use our years of experience and creativity to provide you with the best looking landscape and lawn. KG Landscape will show you what you’re missing.

Weekly Landscape Maintenance Services


Our experienced team of mowing professionals never take a day off. Regardless if there’s 100 degree heat in the summer or a rainy day in the fall, we’ll be there to make sure your commercial lawn care and mowing is tended to. Cutting the grass to the correct height is extremely important to keeping your property looking green and healthy all summer long. After mowing your grass in an efficient manner, our crews walk around your property and blow off grass from all sidewalks, parking lot areas, and streets.


String Trimming/Weed Whipping

Included in your weekly lawn mowing service is weekly trimming around obstaclesWe will trim around trees, edging, and hard surfaces as needed to make sure your lawn looks great. It’s all in the details!


Landscaped Areas and Parking Lot Weed Prevention

Weed prevention is important everywhere, but especially commercial properties. There is almost nothing more unattractive for your building than a big overgrowth of weeds. We pinpoint the places in your landscaping areas where weeds are the worst, and deploy our team with safe weed control substances that will eradicate your lawn from those pests. Our spray technicians are MN certified spray applicators. They know how to mix chemicals and apply them where the weeds live. Every time we visit your property to mow, we spray and pick your weeds.

Weed Spraying in minneapolis Lawn

Seasonal and One Time Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Spring and Fall Cleanups

When the snow has melts, it’s time to painstakingly clean up your lawn. Over the winter, your property has probably accumulated a lot of debris, like branches and leaves. Throughout the winter, rocks can fall out of your planting areas, plows make a lot of damage, and trash and debris builds up. Our team will be there to clean it all up and get your property completely set for spring! When the end of fall hits, we’ll be there again with our trucks and manpower to get rid of your unsightly yard debris. Leaves fall in the crisp autumn air and wind. It’s beautiful to watch but a pain to clean up. Let our clean up team arrive with our equipment to get your lawn looking perfect and prepared for the cold, Minnesota winters. We blow out all the leaves, mulch the grass to the correct height, and suck up all the debris.


Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn fertilization and weed control is possibly the most important task you can do for your lawn throughout the year. Our fertilizer services ensure that healthy, lush green grass pops through the ground. A strict fertilization regimen will ensure that your yard will look better than any other building on the block. The weed control part of our fertilization and weed control packages prevents the invasion of pesky weeds to push out your green grass. In Minneapolis and the Minnesota climate zone, crabgrass is our number one invasive weed. KG Landscape’s U of M designed applications are applied at the right time of year and at the right amount.


Core Aeration and Overseeding

Core aeration loosens your compacted turf, resulting in ideal conditions for deep root establishment. As a professional Minneapolis landscaping company, we own a state of the art aerator. Renting one yourself can be a major hassle, let one of our trained crew take care of that work for you. Over seeding after aeration is the most effective way to seed stubborn turf areas, giving you the best chance for a thick healthy lawn. We use a blend of premium grass seed and take into account the amount of sun to get your grass growing green and lush.


Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

You know the importance of watering your building’s turf areas. You also know the headaches from trying to fix a broken sprinkler system. With KG Landscapes irrigation services, those headaches will be left behind. If you have a sprinkler system, our skilled technicians will fix any leaks, broken heads, or trouble areas. If you don’t have one, we’ll install a first-class irrigation system so you can water your grass all season long correctly and efficiently.

Spray Head Minneapolis MN

Bush and Shrub Trimming

What good is a great landscape design if your bushes and trees are overgrowing into your neighbors lawn and blocking the view of your house? We know how to trim bushes and shrubs best in the Minnesota climate to keep them looking best for your commercial property. We train our team at least 2 times a year on correct bush and shrub trimming techniques. You can check out one of our bush trimming videos here. The unique training that we go through provides incredible value to your property. Your bushes and shrubs will never look better and they will continue to look great.

Curb-line and Walkway Edging

Create a sense of neatness by adding in some hard lines to your commercial landscape design with curb-line and walkway edging. This simple task is like the cherry on top of a sundae. It brings everything together while not detracting from your prominent lawn features. Sidewalk and curb edging is done twice a year typically. For older properties in particular, the sidewalk and curb cleaning is extremely important to fight grass and weeds crawling over and making your property look unprofessional.

Side Walk Before & After Edging

Mulch Dressing

Mulching makes your terraces and planters look nice, and let the eye focus on something other than just heaps of dirt or grass. From the hauling and shoveling to the raking and maintenance, our lawn care teams will make your yard shine. Mulch deteriorates quickly, especially in the extreme Minnesota weather, so be sure to get some top dressing every 2-3 years. You’d be amazed how just some mulch will make your entire property look brand new.


Commercial Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape Design and Construction

We are landscape design professionals. Our entire executive team is university-educated on landscape design best practices. We utilize hardscape elements like walkway construction, water feature installation, patio design and construction, water drainage solutions, pergolas, landscape lighting, and much more to create beautiful yards where building occupants can gather and enjoy their day. We contrast those elements with organic items such as bushes, planters and trees to create a landscape design that everyone will love.

Minneapolis Restaurant Patio Design
Condo Courtyard Renovation Minneapolis MN


There’s no better way to keep your landscape design fresh year after year than by planting a few new trees or bushes. We’ll make suggestions as to which trees and bushes grow best in a Minnesota climate, how tall they will be, and where they should be located. Our landscape designers and operations managers are University of Minnesota trained horticulturists. If you have something in mind for your commercial landscape, then feel free to let us know.


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