Minneapolis Snow Plowing Now Available!

KG Landscape Management has been a professional snow removal company for many years. We have been providing snow removal in the Minneapolis suburbs for over 5 years. Cities like Hopkins, Eden Prairie, Blaine, and Plymouth have enjoyed our reliable, speedy snow plowing and shoveling services but we are expanding into Minneapolis itself now.

residential snow removal in minneapolis

There are a lot of reasons why our company has sustained and grown our snow removal division so quickly.  We offer overhead plow maps, experienced and trained snow plow drivers, and 24/7 customer sales representatives for Minneapolis snow removal clients.

The overhead snow plow maps that we use differentiate us from the competition. We use Google Maps to create an overhead map of your home or commercial property. Our sales team then colors them with the correct areas to place snow piles, what sidewalks to do, and other notes. This information is then shown to you, the customer, to ensure correct information. Once it’s all approved, we share that map with our plow drivers who use it to correctly move snow every single time we visit your property. Learn more about snow plow maps at another blog post.

Our snow plow drivers are trained to provide the best snow removal in the Twin Cities. Every single one of our 15+ snow plow drivers from last winter is returning this coming winter. The experience and technical expertise that these employees provide is invaluable to providing good service to our customers. They know the ins and outs of the properties they visit when snow plowing Minneapolis. They can handle the small snow falls and huge snow dumps with the same focus and attention to detail.

Snow Removal Plymouth MN

Another difference maker for our company is our 24/7 available sales team during the winter. It can be very frustrating for commercial properties or home owners to have a question or concern and then not be able to talk to anyone about that. We have the ability to keep our sales team in the office during snow events. This ability allows us to speak with our clients in a professional, organized manner. Other companies have their sales team in trucks driving while speaking with clients which creates confusion and makes it hard to remember all of the details.

If you’re interested in Minneapolis snow plowing, please give our sales team a call at 763-568-7251 or submit a free quote online. We look forward to helping you keep your property snow free and safe.