Landscaping Services in Minnetonka, MN

Do you need help landscaping your yard? Are you looking to transform your outdoor area into something truly beautiful? If so, you need to look towards the professionals at KG Landscape. Maintaining and improving your yard is incredibly time consuming, and even then, without all the right tools and experience, it might never look how you imagine it. Our landscaping Minnetonka MN team can ensure your property is always the envy on the block and that you are able to show off your entire yard, regardless of how large or how small it might be.


Minnetonka Landscapers for Every Property

It does not matter if you own a home or an office building, proper landscaping is important. Landscaping is much more than just maintaining the lawn though. This includes all of the vegetation on your yard. From the trees towering above your building to the bushes pushed up along side it. Even the flower arrangements running through the property are important and need proper care. Of course, if you want to maintain your flower bed but need help with the rest, KG Landscape is able to work with you and ensure everything you want done is done and the rest is left up to you.


Landscaping in Minnetonka Done Right

There are many different kinds of tasks you might require work on. However, no task is too big or too small for KG Landscape. In fact, our professional team can help you out with just about anything. Some of the tasks we can help you out with include:


spring landscaping minnetonka by kg landscape

When it comes to landscaping, most people simply think it involves mowing a yard. While this is an important job that we do perform, there are many other tasks that we are able to help you out. We help you with the right watering schedule so the roots can grow deeper, giving you a thicker, more vibrant yard. We can also help lay down pesticide and any sort of compost or fertilizer in order to improve the thickness, vibrancy and overall color of your yard. Plus, if you don’t have grass in an area where you desire it, we are able to help lay down the sod. After all, not all properties are going to have vibrant yards when you move in and take over. 


Beyond this, we can help trim down that branch that is coming far too close to your home and releasing branches and debris all along your roof, making you work harder and longer on cleaning out the gutters each and every year. We can also remove trees you no longer want or have died and plant new trees, should you want a new one. It doesn’t matter on the variety of tree either. Plus, we can do the same with bushes and other vegetation around your yard and property.


If you want to design your landscape but are not sure as to how to go about doing this, we can help you out with this sort of situation. We can look over your property, map out a new landscape design and show you what you have been missing. This way, no matter what sort of property you have or what you want your property to look like, we can help you out with all of this.


Call KG Landscape in Minnetonka!

No matter what your landscaping needs are, we at KG Landscape are here to help. It does not matter if you have a large, corner lot or own a small business with a little bit of green space in front of it. If you are in need of assistance we can help transform your property into something extraordinary. After this, we can do just about anything you might want and need. So, whether you just want your lawn looking spectacular or you have a tree you want removed so you can actually enjoy some sunlight into your home, we are here, waiting for you. Just give us a call and we can help.