Snow Removal Services in Minnetonka, MN

Snow Removal Services in Minnetonka, MN

Minnetonka Snow Removal Drive Time: 28 Minutes

It’s tough to think of everyone’s favorite summer hot spot in the wintertime, but when winter rolls around, Lake Minnetonka takes on a whole new meaning for us Minnesotans. This lake is so big that it creates its own set of storms for the good people of Minnetonka, MN to deal with. But, it’s no match for KG Landscape’s snow removal team. Our expert plowmen will be at your commercial property or residential neighborhood in less than a half hour and have you cleared out in less time than that. We serve property managers, residential homeowners and everyone in between. If you have snow removal needs in Minnetonka, Minnesota, then the KG family are your guys. Call one of our managers to set up an account and get your lot cleared today! (612) 669-9607.


Our services in Minnetonka, MN are unbeatable. We offer services for malls, schools, offices, movie theatres and everything else.

Here is what we offer in Snow Removal Services for Minnetonka, MN:

Monthly Trigger (Pay-Per-Plow with Service Level Agreement)

  • Depending on your needs, we can clear your lot after 1-inch or 2-inches. You pay only when it snows.
  • For snowfalls before midnight, you will receive a full plow (including sidewalks) by 7am next day
  • For snowfalls after midnight, you will receive a full open up by noon and full plow before 7am next day

Fixed Monthly Program

  • Fixed price each month, we come out after 1-inch or 2-inches depending on our agreement. You pay the same rate, regardless of that month’s snowfall
  • Best value based on the heavy snow we’ve had recently

Per-Event (Call Us When You Need Us)

  • On-demand deicing, hauling, and plowing for lots and sidewalks