Trying to find a good landscaping company with quality service and reliable schedule can be a bit of a challenge at times, but in the New Brighton, MN area you don’t have to look further than KG Landscape. We are the area’s premier landscaping service, and our portfolio of services includes everything from regular maintenance and seasonal lawn care preparation to weed control to large scale construction projects. There is no residential landscaping project that is too big for our crews and skill set to handle.

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Who We Are

We are a family-focused business that puts the customer first. We’ve had years of practice and experience building top notch landscapes for our clients in the New Brighton area. Over a decade of landscaping has produced dozens upon dozens of beautiful changes to properties, making them transform from mundane residences to the gems of the neighborhood. A large portion of our staff have professional landscaping training in agriculture, and we hone that education in hard-proven experience. As a result, the combination produces the kind of work that can only be obtained through KG Landscape versus basic lawn care services otherwise available.

We put the magic in landscaping based on your desires reflected in the planning and design work. We don’t just start working roughshod with shovels or bring in a lawnmower and call that landscaping. Our work starts with a series of consultations with you, the customer, on exactly what is desired and the external property you want. This includes planning, drafting designs, reviewing the details and editing, and repeating the process until you and our team are sure we’ve included everything you want. We then begin the construction of your dream landscape. As we are aware of your budget and your financial parameters, we ensure to stay within cost of your project. This process has produced successful projects again and again as well as improved curb value of residential properties.


Landscaping New Brighton, MN – What we can do for you

KG Landscape offers full landscaping services for all your individual needs in the following areas;

  • Patios and Fire PitsA professional designed Patio could offer additional comfort to you and your family; you can also add a fire pit to your property if need be.
  • Front Yard LandscapingBeautify your lawn with front yard landscaping, it’s the first thing people notice on your property, so go ahead and make that statement about who you are through your landscape design work.
  • Walkway Construction and DesignAdd a great walkway to your property, the number can be determined by Geometry factors such entry points, Length of the walk and layout of your compound.
  • Retaining WallsRetaining walls add a charming touch to your property. We will design a beautiful retaining wall for you assisting you define your sophisticated taste.
  • Driveway ConstructionA gorgeous driveway can add some class to your property. Driveways are the first thing your visitors, friends or extended family may notice when they approach your house.
  • Landscape Lighting  Don’t underestimate the lifting touch and effects of lights on our spirits, great landscape lighting stands out from your neighbors and would warm your hearts when they are lit.
  • Water Features – Water adds some coolness and tranquility to your compound with its soothing effects, and sounds which mimic natural sounds of waterfalls.
  • Pergola Design and Construction – Add a great pergola outdoor living space with pillars to accentuate the beauty of your home. Also, they shade a part of your yard so you can spend some time outdoors on a sunny day.
  • Outdoor Drainage an outdoor drainage feature is very important in facilitating water drainage during heavy downpours. It could save your property from those expensive water damages which can take you by surprise.

Commercial Landscaping Minneapolis MN

Commercial Landscaping

We know that our commercial clients have specific needs that may include hardscapes, landscapes and/or maintenance. Our team of professionals will work with you from the beginning of the project, all the way to the end. With our team of talented designers, we can custom design and build your exterior spaces to your specifications. The exterior of your business says a lot about who you are and we can help you create the perfect design that may help to attract more customers.

At KG Landscape, our passion is to provide the residents and business owners throughout the Brooklyn Park area with the most up-to-date approach to landscape, lawn and snow removal services. We offer prices that provide a real value and each of our clients are personally taken care of by a dedicated manager. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you have the landscaped yard you have always dreamed of.

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In a sentence: we love our New Brighton, MN customers! If you’re considering a big landscaping change or just need a redo of your existing yard or property, give us call for a consultation and visit. There is no obligation, and we can go through a number of options available, including alternatives you may not have immediately considered possible. Let’s transform your property into the showpiece of the neighborhood!

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