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Lawn care, landscaping design, patio design, and snow removal—these are all services that a homeowner located in North Oaks, MN needs. Looking for a company in the area that not only offers quality services but dependable services is no longer difficult to find. KG Landscape is a landscaping company dedicated to bringing quality to their customers in the North Oaks area, offering professional services for an affordable price. From the backyard to the front yard, fire pit design to weed control; KG Landscape will do it all.


Residential Lawn Care

For local homeowners, residential lawn care is the most important part of owning a home. By owning a home you take up the responsibility of making it look good and keeping it from being an eyesore in your neighborhood. You agree to keep the curb lines looking fresh, the grass trimmed and green, and both the front and backyards looking clean and organized. This is where KG Landscape comes in handy. Some of their top quality residential lawn care services include:


  • Weed Control and Fertilization: Keep your lawn looking green, luscious, and healthy. KG applicators are licensed and take the guess work out of the perfect yard. Both pre and post emergent weed services are available, helping to not only keep weeds out of your yard, but getting rid of those stubborn ones that have already grown.


  • Mowing: The professional KG team is trained to work in any weather from days that barely reach 50 degrees to those that are well into the one-hundred’s. Services are offered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly basis.


  • Curbline: By cleaning up your curb line and edges you can easily bring a more sophisticated and beautiful look to your lawn. Not only is it easy for any team to cut a clean line between your grass and curb, but it is an affordable way to make your home look better.


  • Seasonal Cleanups: The fall and spring are classic times to clean up your lawn, from leaves to debris, the professional KG team can get it all, even those hard to reach places. And they do it quickly, allowing you use of your lawn after just a few hours; much sooner than if you had done it yourself.


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Curb Appeal

Create a grand welcome for guests by making your home more appealing. KG Landscape specializes in curb appeal techniques that will make your house stand out from the crowd and even increase the value of your home. Curb is the way that your home’s exterior look polished, clean, and pristine. Luckily, this is not hard to accomplish for professionals. Curb appeal is an art and a science, blending colors, textures, and item placement to draw the eye and create the most gorgeous designs possible. Why else do homeowners need curb appeal?



  • It increase the value of the home
  • It creates a beautiful welcome for guests
  • Makes you home more approachable to not only neighbors but guests
  • Helps create an exterior you can be proud of


Worried your home may be the eyesore of the neighborhood? Want to spruce up your exterior? Think you just need a fresh coat of paint or a little landscaping? All of this and more goes into curb appeal; the science and art that KG Landscape has perfected after years of practice and learning.


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Other Available Services

What you may not know as a homeowner is that much more goes into landscaping than mowing, planting a few flowers, and cleaning up weeds. Landscaping is all the elements of the exterior of your home working together to create a beautiful space that you can enjoy and that neighbors can be envious over. KG Landscape offers a variety of other services to help you achieve this goal such as:


  • Patio Design and Construction
  • Driveway Design and Construction
  • Garden Design and Installation
  • Pond Design and Construction
  • Fire Pit Design and Construction
  • Trellis Design and Construction
  • Lighting Design and Placement
  • Pathway and Walkways Construction and Design


All you need to do is pick up the phone to speak with a KG Landscape designer about what they can do to help make your home’s exterior the best it can be.


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Why Choose KG Landscape?

KG Landscape is a company dedicated to bringing quality and professional services to homeowners in the North Oaks area. They pride themselves on having a properly trained team who will listen to a homeowner and execute their vision, while still making sure it fits the space it is being implemented. Founded in 2003, KG Landscape takes pride in bringing the best services they can to the homeowners in their area.


Want to contract professional and experienced designer to help make you home’s exterior more appealing? Then, contact KG Landscape today for your free quote and learn about what your house could look like tomorrow!