How to Prevent Deer In Your Yard

How to Prevent Deer In Your Yard

One of the best feelings in the world is coming home from work and walking through your backyard while admiring your beautiful plants and smelling the fragrant flowers. That idea gets turned on its head when a critter has come in and eaten all your flower heads and vegetables you’ve been carefully maintaining. Minnesota has an abundance of deer, even in the inner suburbs of the Twin Cities.

As landscape and lawn care experts, KG Landscape has some tips to prevent sneaky deer from ruining your outdoor space.

  • The first line in the battle against deer is to plant deer resistant vegetation. This is an incredibly handy guide from the University of Rutgers. It gives a grade to each kind of plant based on how much deer eat it. If your plants are not something a deer would eat, then they won’t eat it.
  • Commercial repellents are a common weapon in the fight against deer. In our experiences, the egg based smells are the best fighters. The problem is that humans are not a fan of these smells either. Make sure you rotate through different repellants so pests do not build up a tolerance. Also, be sure apply them in the spring and fall.
  • There are many different “old wives” remedies that are available as well. Check out this how-to video from This Old House. In it, they suggest hanging soap from some of your bushes. Garlic and other homemade repellents have also been effective.
  • Dogs and deer do not get along very well. So have your dog out in your yard as much as possible. Even just the smell of your dog can keep deer away. A substitute for a dog are fox statues and other stationary warning devices. Deer respond more to smell but the sight of a predator can definitely work as a deterrent.
  • There are many technological solutions that have arisen to solve the deer problem. Motion activated sprinklers can be set up around plants the deer like to feast on. This is spray them with a jet of water to keep them out. You can also use a wireless deer fence. These are battery powered sticks that put out a smell deer like and then zap them when they get too close.

All of these tips are great but there’s no silver bullet. Deer are all different, just like people, so combining techniques is your best bet to get those deer out of your garden and into the wild.

For all your deer chasing help, be sure to contact KG Landscape Management! If you have any suggestions of how you keep those pesky deer away, tweet at us @KGLandscape or comment below!