Landscaping Services in Orono, MN

When you bought your home in Orono, you probably thought keeping the landscape up would be easy. However, it’s a lot more than mowing the grass once a week. A professional landscaping service can up the wow factor in your yard, while you reclaim your free time. KG Landscape offers reliable, outstanding landscaping services in Orono. Our team specializes in landscape design, lawn care, fertilization and weed control, and hardscape construction. We strive to partner with Orono homeowners to help you develop the lawn and outdoor space of your dreams.

Kent Gliadon is the founder and owner of KG Landscape. He puts his knowledge and understanding of the soil composition and terrain in this area of Minnesota to work on every project. With this knowledge, his team can design, plant, and maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape for your Orono home. KG Landscape is a family-owned and operated business with more than a decade of experience helping to create and maintain gorgeous landscapes in the Orono area. Our team is dedicated to providing each of our customers with reliable service with each visit.

Affordable Orono Landscaping and Lawn Care

Affordable Orono Landscaping and Lawn Care

Do you dream of being the envy of all your neighbors? Would your home benefit from a little more curb appeal? With KG Landscape, we provide you with the lawn care services you need to make it happen, and all, at a price point that fits seamlessly into your budget. At KG Landscape, we partner with our clients to help bring their dreams into reality at a price point they can afford. With communication, detailed planning, drafting, and construction as the cornerstones of our business, our team always provides you with the landscape of your dreams while staying within your budget.

Landscaping Services in Orono, MN

Lawn Care Services in Orono

Our team members have extensive experience and training in horticulture and turf science to provide you with the best and most reliable lawn care in Orono. It’s our goal to always provide you with excellence when we’re mowing your yard or edging your driveway. At KG Landscape, we invest in the latest technology and products to ensure your yard always looks its best. This helps us stay ahead of our competition while providing you with outstanding lawn care. Our team always provides you with the best available lawn mowing and landscape services for your Orono home to get the curb appeal that you want.

The key to a beautiful and healthy lawn is the proper amount of water and fertilization at the right times. The KG Landscape team is always ready to recommend and advise you on the best times to water and fertilize your yard to help it grow more lush and green. Once you begin a regimen of watering, fertilizing, and consistent care, you’ll notice that your lawn grows more healthy and beautiful year after year. With the help of our KG Landscape team, you’ll find that your Orono lawn grows and flourishes well into the fall months, so you and your family can enjoy more outdoor time.

When you’re ready to add fresh curb appeal to your home, KG Landscape offers hardscape services in Orono to help you do it. We know that it’s our dedicated and hardworking team of experts that make us the best landscaping service in this area of Minnesota. When you’re ready to add a retaining wall, patio, fire pit, or water features to your Orono property, our team has the skills and expertise to ensure it’s done right and looks stunning.

It’s time to start meeting your lawn care needs in Orono today. With expertise and abundant training in landscape design, lawn care, fertilization, weed control, and even hardscape construction, the KG Landscape team needs to be your first call.

Lawn Care Services in Orono

Landscaping Services in Orono

At KG Landscape, our dedicated team offers a full line of the landscaping services to meet the needs of Orono homeowners and to make their lives better. When we work on a project, we stay focused on the needs and wants of our clients. From the first phone call to the time when our team finishes your property, you’ll appreciate working with a team of dedicated professionals. It all starts with a one-on-one meeting with the management team of our landscaping services to ensure your project moves from the dreaming process to the building process smoothly. Some of our most popular services include:

Patios and fire pits: When the weather is moderate or even a little chilly, a new patio or fire pit can help you spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air with friends and family.

Irrigation work: With the right irrigation system, you can keep your yard lush and green throughout the year. From sprinklers to irrigation channels, our team can help keep your yard healthy and thriving when rain isn’t in the forecast.

Curb appeal: When someone arrives at your home, they form an opinion of you and your home based on curb appeal. We can up the wow factor of your Orono home with beautiful landscaping.

Walkways: Walkways are the unsung heroes of a beautiful and functional landscape design. They can add beauty and functionality to any outdoor space while providing additional safety while you walk, so you aren’t tripping on roots or other objects in the grass.

Stone retaining walls: These beautiful walls are a great way to delineate the different uses for your outdoor space from a play area to beds for vegetables or gorgeous flowers in the spring. We can help you design a space that works for you.

Driveway designs: You probably don’t give a deration to your driveway’s design, but the right one can highlight your home and up the wow factor of your Orono property.

Landscape lighting: This design element can add both curb appeal and safety to your property. KG Landscape can help you design a landscape light plan that highlights your beautiful lawn or provides light, so you can enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun goes down.

Water features: A water feature can add beauty and elegance to your home’s landscape.

Pergolas and trellises: Create a shaded spot to entertain or to unwind and relax on a hot summer’s day. Pergolas or trellises create the shade while offering a statement piece in your outdoor space.

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It’s always the best time to call on KG Landscape’s team of highly-trained and dedicated landscape professionals to handle your Orono home’s landscaping needs. It’s easy to see the passion our team has for landscaping from the thousands of satisfied customers. Our team takes pride in each job we do, and you’ll appreciate our customer-centered focus when we work at your Orono home. When you’re ready to get started or have additional questions, reach out to our office to learn more.