What is Our Landscape Design Process?

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What is Our Landscape Design Process?

Initial Meeting with Minneapolis Designer


The first step of the design process for KG Landscape is for you to have free meeting with our designer and/or account manager. We’ll talk with you about what you want for your new space. All of our clients have unique needs and wants for their outdoor living space and we want to respect that. Our designer will also talk with you about some of their ideas on the project. With over 10 years of experience in designing and maintaining properties, we have a lot of experience to draw on when balancing cost, maintenance, function, and beauty. At this meeting, we will also provide you with quote.


After the initial meeting, we will ask for a design fee which can be refunded at any point. In 10 years, we have never had to refund this cost. If you choose to do the project work with us, we’ll credit half of the design fee you paid to the project cost.

Landscape Before Designing
blaine ugly concrete patio before
south minneapolis front yard landscape before ugly

Conceptual Design Review


Measurements and pictures will be taken to start planning out the conceptual design phase. Our designer carefully sketch up 4-6 different designs. Each design will be a variation so you can see the many choices available for your space. In the second meeting, our designer will present the conceptual designs to you. You will pick the conceptual design that best fits your wants and needs. Many times, our clients pick some aspects from several different designs to find the perfect combination. Characteristics like water features, retaining walls, patios, irrigation, lighting, plants, and others will be discussed and decided upon.


Landscape Design Principles


Our University of Minnesota trained landscape designers use their skills, knowledge, and experience to craft custom front yard landscape designs for every client. The six principles listed below are essential to any successful, beautiful landscape design and our designers have them top of mind whenever they start conceptualizing a design. For a more in depth discussion of our design principles, visit our front yard landscaping page!


  • Simplicity
  • Variety
  • Balance
  • Emphasis
  • Sequence
  • Scale
Conceptual Design Front Yard Landscaping Minneapolis
conceptual patio design blaine mn
50th france conceptual landscape design minneapolis

Full Design Plan


Now that the designer has your perfect combination of features, they will painstakingly draw up the final design. This will include a full plant list, material list, project cost, and project sheet.  A third meeting will occur It’s at this point that any final tweaks or cost cutting features can be made. If the project is a little above your ideal cost, we can work together to find places to lower it.

The project sheet and design that you will receive is the same packet that the foreman will use on the job site.

landscape design front yard minneapolis
south minneapolis landscape design complete

Scheduling and Construction


When you are completely satisfied with your design and project write up, we will ask for 10% of your project cost. Our Chief of Operations will schedule your project when that payment has been received. Depending on how busy our company is and the weather, your project may be scheduled in a week or two or up to a month. Our office staff will keep you updated on any scheduling changes and updates to decrease surprises.


The next phase is construction. Our foreman and landscape team will come to your property to start laying out the landscape features. Each day, we will clean up the property before leaving. Depending upon the size of the project, construction will take a couple days up to a few weeks. If you are home while the team is working, feel free to talk to anyone and ask as many questions as you can. We want our clients feeling comfortable throughout the entire process.


Throughout the scheduling and construction phase, if you have changes you would like to make to the design, feel free to contact our office.

st louis park landscaping
paver patio under construction blaine mn
landscape construction south minneapolis

Final Walk Through


Before your final bill is due, our designer/project manager will walk around the property with you. Any questions or concerns you have will be addressed quickly. Our designer/project manager will also discuss proper care of plants and landscape features so your new outdoor space will continue bringing you joy well into the future. Once you are satisfied, final payment will be due.

landscape design process
Paver Patio dining space entertaining space
south minneapolis curb appeal front yard landscape design

KG Landscape Management stands behind every one of our completed projects. We cherish your choice to have our company perform your landscape design and construction.


Please call our office at 763-568-7251 or fill out our hassle free quote form. We look forward to hearing from you!