Outdoor Drainage Project: Grading Alongside House To Prevent Moisture

The Drainage Problem: New Concrete Sidewalk Needed and Re-Grading Alongside House

There were 2 goals to this project. The first goal was to build a sidewalk that connects the driveway and front yard to the deck in the customer’s backyard. The second goal was to help fix and alleviate drainage issues alongside the house to ensure water flows away. This was the perfect time to fix these issues because we were already tearing up the area around the house while installing the sidewalk. Creating a good grade away from a house is the number one drainage issue call we get at KG Landscape. 


Step #1:  Outdoor Drainage Consultation

The customer reached out to us at KG Landscape and scheduled an outdoor drainage consolation with Kent, our owner and lead designer. Kent met with the customer at her home to observe the backyard hillside drainage issue in person. While there, he collected the site information needed to provide a detailed plan/estimate for a long term solution to the drainage problem.   

Step #2: A Detailed Proposal

After careful consideration of the drainage problem and the options available to correct the issue, we put together a detailed plan to solve the customer’s backyard drainage problems in a cost effective and dependable way. There were also a number of landscape design options that we discussed before landing on a final design plan for a concrete walkway and drainage solutions alongside the home.

Landscape Service Description 

New Concrete Walkway:

Install a new 4’ wide concrete walkway that flares wider near the driveway.  Concrete will be approximately 4” thick, will have rebar reinforcement, roughly 2” of class 5 gravel, and saw cut seams.

Soil/Seed Work:

Install up to (4) yards of topsoil to taper walkway elevation into adjacent lawn space approximately 4’ out from sidewalk. Then, rake in grass seed and covering with straw matting and stapling to secure matting. 

Install boulder edging as shown in design using 6-9” boulders to help prevent erosion of rock and define bed line. Install approximately 4” of 1.5-3” river rock in new bed spaces shown in design. Install (2) yards soil cover to increased slope away from the foundation in bed space and install weed barrier fabric below rock.

French Drain and Bed Work Section:

Install approximately 30’ of non-perforated drain 4” corrugated drain tile with PVC below the walkway section and a pop-up emitter in the lawn where water can leave system as shown in design. The section of drain tile between the PVC and the pop-up emitter will be perforated 4” corrugated pipe. Install approximately 35’ of 12” wide by 12-24” deep French drain as detailed in design using 4” corrugated perforated pipe with a silt sock cover. The bed space where French drain is located with have a 6-9” negative grade out from the house sloping toward the French drain. The French drain will be lined with waterproof poly fabric and back-filled with pea gravel. The top 4-6” of bed space will be back-filled to approximately level (following adjacent contour) with 1.5-3” river rock.


Step #3: Installation of Drainage Solutions

Step #4: Project Completion

All of the work described in the proposal was completed and thoroughly tested by running water through all components of the system. Both we and the customer were 100% confident the drainage issues have been solved in a high quality and reliably way.  We’ve kept in touch with the customer and they’ve had no more puddling, much firmer grass in the backyard, and no more erosion issues since this work was completed in 2019.  


We’ve never seen an outdoor drainage issue we couldn’t fix.  Do you have an exterior drainage problem? Call us today to schedule an outdoor drainage consultation at 763-568-7251. You can also submit a quick quote to our website to get in contact with us!