Outdoor Drainage Project: Sump Pump Connection to Sewer Line

The Drainage Problem: Sump Pump Water From Basement

The goal of this project was to take the sump pump water output and get that water off the property. As a lot of homeowners know, sump pumps put out a lot of water and this water can do some major damage to your lawn. Getting this water away from the house and directly into the sewer system takes all the worries and issues and, literally, puts them down the drain.

sump pump connection bad beginning

Step # 1:  Outdoor Drainage Consultation

The customer reached out to us at KG Landscape and scheduled an outdoor drainage consolation with Kent, our owner and lead designer. Kent met with the customer at her home to observe the sump pump water issue in person. While there, he collected the site information needed to provide a detailed plan/estimate for a long term solution to the problem.   

Step # 2: A Detailed Proposal

After careful consideration of the drainage problem and the options available to correct the issue, we put together a detailed plan to solve the customer’s backyard drainage problems in a cost effective and dependable way. After the customer agreed to the proposal, we handled collecting permits from the city for the sewer connection. As we’ve said, we’re a one stop shop for any and all drainage solutions.

Drainage Solution Objective: The objective is to install schedule 40 4″ PVC to take the water form the sump pump in the house out to the storm sewer drain on the street. The biggest detail or thing to watch when doing the installation is to make sure the pipe is angled down at all times. If the pipe from the house to the storm sewer is not angled down, the water will stop running. When water stops running, there’s a high chance for freezing or clogs or things like that. We could have a sub contractor do the storm sewer connection but we plan to do it ourselves. 


Below is a section from the drainage proposal detailing the work we did:

Install basket/funnel system using PVC to collect water from the sump-pump output as shown below in yellow. Then install a 12” catch basin below the downspout as shown below in red. Both the catch basin and sump pump water will run into a 4” PVC primary drainage pipe that will be trenched in below ground and run with a downhill slope to the storm sewer in the front yard as shown in blue below. The 4” primary drainage pipe will be core drilled and connected into the storm sewer below ground per city requirements. A  6’ wide path of disturbed lawn space where trenching takes place will be sodded using up to 700 ft2 of sod, any additional disturbed turf space will be raked smooth and seeded. 

sump pump to sewer connection overhead map

Step # 3: Installation of Drainage Solutions

Step # 4: Project Completion

All of the work described in the proposal was completed and thoroughly tested by running water through all components of the system. Both we and the customer were 100% confident the drainage issues have been solved in a high quality and reliably way. We’ve kept in touch with the customer and the sump pump connection has worked perfectly since this work was completed in early 2018.  


We’ve never seen an outdoor drainage issue we couldn’t fix.  Do you have an exterior drainage problem? Call us today to schedule an outdoor drainage consultation at 763-568-7251. You can also submit a quick quote to our website to get in contact with us!