Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor Rooms

Since January, we’ve been doing a series of posts on 2015 Landscaping Trends. You might remember edible landscaping, attracting animals, or living walls. We are continuing that series today.

Many of our clients recently have been asking about “outdoor rooms”. An outdoor room is typically a patio with many add-ons like an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or pergola that is decorated with furniture and other indoor items. I’m going to run through some of the key components that make up an outdoor to give some ideas on how to create your own outdoor room. It’s important to know that you don’t need every aspect that I’ll talk about here.


Patio – This is necessary to any outdoor room. The patio is the flooring of the room and the basis for what the room will look like. Patios are typically made of paver stones but you can make them out of wood to make a deck floor as well. The natural color of the stone makes picking out furniture and decorative materials a joy. Tiles are a perfect floor to use too. There are just so many options for each of these choices.

Classical Column Pergola

Pergola – Creating an enclosure around the room is really important. A pergola is a perfect way to create that slightly enclosed space over the patio. A pergola is usually a wooden structure that consists of pillars holding up a lattice and cross beams. You can also completely cover the roof of the pergola to protect the space from rain. Other people build an extended roof off of their house.

Fireplace – Imagine cozying up to an outdoor fireplace on a cool summer night. This is possible with an outdoor room and a wonderful outdoor fireplace. The fireplace can be a gas fireplace or a natural one. Using stone that complements the patio stone or tile on the floor is integral to keeping the space feel like home.

Outdoor Kitchen – Outdoor kitchens are one of those added features that depends on your intended uses. The Minnesota climate makes an outdoor kitchen useful for a short amount of time typically. But during that time, it is wonderful. Hosting parties on a summer day would be perfect. Even a normal weeknight meal turns into an event when you’re eating it on a gorgeous outdoor dining room.

Furniture – Making a patio feel like an outdoor room really comes down to how you decorate it. In the past, people have not spent much thought about what furniture they will place on their patio or new outdoor space. They just put in some ho hum patio table and chairs. A true outdoor room has time and detail spent on the look of the room after the construction is done.

Red is a big trend in outdoor rooms now. Pulling the red elements out of the natural stone used in the fireplace or the patio flooring is powerful as a focal point.

Another couple tips to remember is to design vertically and use plants. Use a trellis or arbor to bring interest to blank vertical walls. Potted plants help soften the hard edges of a patio or stone fireplace.


If you’re looking to create a beautiful outdoor room in your Minneapolis area yard, contact KG Landscape today. We are a Blaine based landscape company that is on the cutting edge of landscape design like living walls and outdoor rooms. Get a quote from our team in just a short amount of time!

For more outdoor room examples, check out this gallery from HGTV.